Social Work Minor and Individual Courses

Students in the College of Arts and Science may enroll in the minor in social work offered jointly by the Silver School of Social Work and the College of Arts and Science. This minor provides the opportunity for student to study at the Silver School and gain an in-depth understanding of many of the complex social problems of our time, domestically and internationally, and what can be done to alleviate these problems.

The 16-point minor consists of four courses, or three courses and field experience (a one-day-per-week field learning experience offered every spring for 5 points). Students in the social work minor program are required to enroll in Introduction to Social Work (4 points) and Professional and Interpersonal Communications (4 points) for 4th course choose one of the courses below, and choose among our many electives that focus on "front-line" social issues, including:

  • Social Justice and Peacemaking (4 points);
  • Homelessness (4 points);
  • Services to Children and Families (4 points);
  • Global Perspectives in International Social Policy (4 points);
  • Social Work and Substance Abuse (4 points);
  • Social Work and Family Violence (4 points);
  • Society and Mental Health (4 points);
  • Student expected to complete two S.L. (4 points).


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Students enrolled in other schools at the University are invited to register for courses given at the Silver School of Social Work for which they have the appropriate educational background. Students with a social work minor may not enroll in Social Work Practice I and II, or in Field Instruction I and II. Students interested in the minor in social work or in undergraduate social work courses should consult with the director of the undergraduate social work program, 1 Washington Square North, (212) 998-5944.