Core Concepts in Child and Adolescent Trauma

Colorful house in Buenos Aires

About the program

  • Dates of Courses: January 2020 in Buenos Aires (final course dates TBA) + a mandatory pre-departure meeting in NYC December 2, 2019 (4-6pm)
  • Total Credits: 3 elective credits
  • Passport: Must be valid at date of entry; must have at least 1 blank page
  • Note on Field Placement: January program credits count toward spring semester credit allotments and financial aid. Students with field placements must obtain permission from their faculty advisors and agency field instructors to miss field dates for a January course. Students must make up all missed field dates at another time during the year.

This three-credit elective course will prepare MSW students for trauma-informed evidence-based practice by enhancing students' empathic understanding of trauma from the child's perspective and learning how trauma influences the child's life. The course focus is on the impact of trauma on the child, adolescent, and family, and provides a foundation for assessment, crisis intervention, and intervention. The curriculum is based on twelve guiding core concepts about trauma and utilizes a problem-based learning approach, in which in-depth case studies about the impact of trauma are presented so that students experience "real" cases as they actually unfold in practice. The cases focus on child and adolescents, aged 18 months to 13 years, from a variety of ethnic and racial groups representing urban and rural environments, and illustrate a number of different trauma types, including interpersonal trauma such as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; witness to both stranger and domestic violence; and disasters. The Problem-Based Learning approach used in this course involves students in active, collaborative, and team-orientated self-directed learning.

Program Faculty:

  • Diane Mirabito, DSW, MA, BA, Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work

Program Costs:

  • Tuition and Fees: Graduate tuition and fees, paid directly to the Bursar.
  • Insurance: $69.10. In-country insurance ($6) and enrollment in GeoBlue insurance ($63.10) is required for all students traveling outside of the United States for an NYU course. The Office of Global and Lifelong Learning will enroll all students in insurance.
  • Estimated Housing: Students book their own accommodations for this course, with guidance from the Office of Global and Lifelong Learning.
  • Estimated Airfare to Buenos Aires: $1,200 estimated from NYC, subject to booking date.
  • Meals: A welcome or farewell dinner will be provided. Students are responsible for additional meals.
  • Excursions: Tours of the Memorial Museum and Remembrence Park as a part of the course content, plus additional options activities for students to choose from. 2020 figures TBA (2019 was ~$100 for required activities and a maximum of $30 for optional activities; we expect rates for this year to be very similar).
  • All personal expenses are additional.