Scholarships & Financial Aid

Financial aid packages are available to assist many students who would not otherwise be able to pursue a professional education at NYU Silver School of Social Work.

To be considered for financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for each academic year they study at NYU Silver. Read instructions for filling out the FAFSA. If students need assistance filling out the FAFSA they should call 1-800-433-3243 for live support. Financial aid counselors are also available to assist students completing the FAFSA in NYU’s Office of Financial Aid. While there is no deadline for the FAFSA, it is recommended that students fill the forms out as quickly as possible to determine their financial aid status. The NYU school code is 002785.

For more information about federal financial aid, please visit the website of the Office of Financial Aid.

Many international students inquire about obtaining financial aid to assist with the expenses of a DSW degree at NYU. There is very little financial aid available to international students.

If you are receiving aid in excess of what you are charged by the University, you may be eligible to receive a refund. To inquire if you qualify for a refund or when you may expect one, please contact the Office of the Bursar or access the refund guide.

Another good resource for alternative funding is working on campus. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) typically provides funding for these jobs, which allow students to earn extra income working on campus around their academic schedules. These jobs are typically less time consuming than most full-time jobs and may alleviate miscellaneous educational expenses like books and transportation. Job postings are posted on the Wasserman Center for Career Development’s website.

Working in the public service sector (such as social work) may allow you to cancel some of your loan debt. Learn more about this and the qualifications on the US Department of Education website. Other organizations such as NASW and NYS Higher Education Services Corporation offer loan forgiveness for social workers.

Income-Based Repayment (IBR) caps your required monthly federal student loan payments at an amount intended to be affordable based on your income and family size. Under the IBR requirements, you might be eligible for the 10-year Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Read more about the IBR Plan.  

Yellow Ribbon Program

NYU participates in the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program, a provision of the post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. Yellow Ribbon is a scholarship designed to help students supplement their Post 9/11 GI Bill tuition benefits. NYU’s program covers both full and part-time students. Students at NYU Silver may be awarded scholarship in addition to their tuition benefits.

The Silver School is proud to offer our veterans an award up to  $7,500 from the Yellow Ribbon program and up to a matching $7,500 from the VA if eligible. A student receiving Yellow Ribbon funds is still eligible for a separate NYU Silver Tuition Scholarship. E-mail for the application fee waiver code.