Champion Bios

The Champions program is the Silver School of Social Work's graduate student ambassador program. Our Champions come from a variety of programs and are here to speak with you about their experiences at NYU Silver. If you would like to connect with a Champion, please send an email to

The Champions program is actively seeking student ambassadors to join us for the 2019-2020 academic year. MSW students from all programs and campuses are encouraged to apply.

Champions in Full Time Programs

Undergraduate Institution: Southern Cross University

NYU's MSW program offered the clinical experience I wanted after completing an MA in Psychology. NYU is recognized internationally and has wonderful resources including Mindful NYU. I love the diversity, downtown vibe and quality of easily accessible lifestyle resources. Email Allison

Undergraduate Institution: University of Arizona

At the core of my academic and work experience is the same pursuit of multilateral,interdisciplinary, and collective involvement integral to the Silver School of Social Work at New York University. This program has expanded my capability to empower queer youth by combating underlying causes of disenfranchisement and providing tools to increase cultural,economic, political, and social accessibility. Since partaking in varying degrees of feminist activism during adolescence, I have persistently delved into sustainable community developmentas a process of deconstructing heteronormativity, classism, and racism. While completing myundergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Arizona, my activism withgrassroots development reinforced the importance of cultural, intergenerational discourse, andsocial services that balance the needs of individuals, allocation of resources, and viability. By building advocacy coalitions in partnership with Albanian youth as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I recognize that comprehensive global innovation relies on a dimensional approach linking stateformation and civil society. In witnessing and shaping mobilization in Arizona and Albania, my practical knowledge illustrates how gender-based and cross-cultural engagement stimulatecommunal agency. Through pursuing a Master of Social Work, concentrating on social policyand macro practice, I seek to continue this trajectory of subverting proscriptive norms.

Email Kelly (They/them)

Undergraduate Institution: Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

I chose NYU Silver because I wanted to gain social work experience while outside of my comfort zone and learning from renowned professors who were passionate about the work they were doing. I wanted to learn in an environment while surrounded by people with different points of view and experiences that would help me grow into a well-rounded social worker.  Email Daisy

Undergraduate Institution: American University

I chose NYU because I loved its location in New York City, and felt that the student body matched my interests and needs. I felt as though NYU could provide me with the network I would need post graduation. Email Rachel

Undergraduate Institution: University of Florida

Attending NYU has been an amazing experience for me! It's not easy quit your job, pack up everything you own, and move across the country to go back to school in your late 30s, but I'm really glad I took that leap. NYU has been a super welcoming environment. The professors are exceptionally caring individuals, and my fellow students continuously amaze me with the depths of their care and compassion. Email Marisa

Undergraduate Institution: Bates College

I chose to attend NYU Silver for its emphasis on a international learning and clinical social work. For my first-year placement, I worked in a middle school doing one-on-one counseling with students. Currently, I am placed at the Children's Day Unit at New York State Psychiatric Institute where I work with clients and their parents to ensure they receive comprehensive treatment. I have really enjoy my experience at Silver and feel grateful to be part of this community. Email Rachel