Tuition & Fees

MSW Program Academic Year 2019-2020

Tuition per point, per term


Nonreturnable registration & services fees First point


Nonreturnable registration and services fee, per point, for registration after first point


The Silver School of Social Work charges students per enrolled credit/point each semester.  These are the only charges a student will be billed for directly by NYU. 

Students will only be billed for the courses they are enrolled in. Wait-listed courses will not be counted until the student is officailly in the course.

Please note: The above information is subject to change. Please visit the website of the NYU Office of the Bursar for the most up-to-date information including payment options, payment plans and bill due dates.

Tuition Per Program

The above table represents the tuition and fees for a graduate student enrolling in the Master of Social Work program for the 2019-2020 academic year. New York University and the Silver School of Social Work reserve the right to change its courses, programs, tuition, and fees at any time.

Based on the above tuition figures, below are the projected total charges in tuition and fees for a typical first year student enrolled for the fall/spring academic year. (Spring/Summer for the 16-Month Program)

Full-Time MSW program course load totals for academic year 2019-2020:

Advanced Standing
$46,604 based on 32 points total – 16 points Fall ($23,302) and 16 points Spring ($23,302)

Two-Year and 16-Month Accelerated
$48,033 based on 33 points total – 17 points Fall ($24,731) and 16 points Spring ($23,302)

Part-Time program course load total for academic year 2019-2020:

Extended and Extended One Year Residence
$18,024 based on 12 points total - 6 points Fall ($9,012) and 6 points Spring ($9,012)

$22,311 (based on 15 points total - 7 points Fall ($10,441) and 8 points Spring ($11,870)

Student Health Insurance Plan Rates

Coverage period
Basic Plan
Comprehensive Plan


8/21/19 - 8/20/20 $3,518 $3,912

Fall Term

8/21/19 - 1/8/20

$1,355 $1,507

Spring/Summer Term

1/9/20 - 8/20/20



Summer Term

5/14/20 - 8/20/20 $952 $1,058

Silver School students are automatically enrolled in the Comprehensive Plan.  Students may switch between plans, waive the plan entirely (and show proof of other acceptable health insurance), or select the NYUHC Only plan.  For details about NYU Student Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, rates for Family or Dependant coverage, and options to waive out of NYU insurance please visit NYU Student Health Insurance.