Continuing Education

Lifelong Learning programs reach professional communities in and beyond the New York region. We provide advanced learning opportunities encompassing theoretical and evidence-based practice models for social work and related health professionals.

Participants, representing a wide range of practice areas, attend our workshops, seminars, and conferences to advance their careers, explore new professional avenues, gain increased skills to better meet the needs of their agencies and clients, and interact with their peers and faculty. Programming is based on a careful analysis of current priorities in practice and research, new policies that impact treatment, and faculty scholarship. Given the compelling rise in the demand for social services, we also recognize the need to continually prepare leaders for the future.

Our faculty is highly experienced in research, practice, education, and agency leadership, and offers the most current approaches to assessment, treatment, care management, integrated care, and organizational leadership. They provide in-depth insights about working with diverse populations in varied circumstances while teaching the application of theory to practice.

Our programs are designed to meet needs related to pressing social issues impacting individuals, families, and communities, reflecting:

  • Social and economic justice
  • Human rights and values
  • Anti-oppressive practice

All programs are developed and presented in a manner consistent with core social work values, including conduct and good moral character. All programs are reviewed by social work consultants to assure compliance with these standards.