Original live webinar event presented on January 11, 2019
This videotaped presentation is viewable online from a computer via streaming video. Once your registration and payment is received, a link will be forwarded for access to the video and instructions for taking a post-test and evaluation. All online continuing education programs require completion of a post-test and evaluation for receipt of credits.


As transgender and gender non-conforming students increasingly share their authentic gender identities and expression, field settings have a responsibility to ensure that these students experience safe and welcoming learning environments. This workshop will increase participant awareness of the experiences of transgender and gender diverse people in field education, offer strategies for proactively creating more welcoming settings, and provide guidance on effectively addressing concerns that may arise.  This workshop will also aid participants in identifying the benefit of creating gender-affirming spaces, not only for TGNC students, but for the benefit of all staff and clients in our agency settings.

NOTE: This webinar requires some competency in working with transgender and gender non-conforming students. The program is uniquely intended for current/past field instructors as well as participants in SIFI. 

Learning goals:

  • Identify common needs and concerns of transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) students in social work field placements and agencies.
  • Identify barriers that TGNC students may face in seeking to have their needs and concerns addressed.
  • Name and implement specific strategies for making social work field settings more welcoming to TGNC students.


Nicole Avallone, LCSW

Nicole Avallone, LCSW, is clinical social worker, trainer and educator with nearly 20 years of direct practice and management experience in LGBTQ and youth settings. Her most recent roles include serving as Director of Youth Services, and later Deputy Director of Programs and Policy, at the NYC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center. Nicole obtained her Masters in Social Work from NYU in 2004, where she now teaches group work practice to aspiring (and inspiring) social workers. In addition, Nicole maintains a private psychotherapy practice and serves as a consultant trainer with the Ackerman Institute’s Gender and FamilY Project. Nicole has trained thousands of people on best practices in working with LGBTQ communities, with a focus on providing core training on gender identity and expression, including strategies for more effectively engaging family support. 

Mariam I. Habib, LCSW-R

Mariam I. Habib, LCSW-R, is a clinical social worker, educator, and trainer practicing in New York City. Prior to launching her own practice, she spent ten years working at the Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Program (SAVI) at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, providing trauma therapy and coordinating their clinical internship program. 

As a queer bicultural person of color, Mariam is well-versed in helping people navigate the complexities and richness of identity, culture, family, race, and belonging. Mariam’s psychotherapy practice is focused on working with survivors of sexual violence and childhood trauma, with a particular commitment to serving queer folks and people of color. To support New York's diverse provider community, she offers clinical supervision to service providers, and conducts meaningful, engaging trainings for professionals from multiple disciplines. She brings an intersectional, anti-oppression and strengths-based perspective to all her work. 

Mariam received her MSW from the New York University School of Social Work, where she serves as an adjunct professor.