Antiracism Pedagogy Champions

In Fall 2020, NYU Silver launched a Faculty Antiracism Pedagogy Seminar developed by Associate Professor Doris F. Chang and Master Teacher, Clinical Associate Professor, and DSW Program Director Linda Lausell Bryant, the co-chairs of the School’s Action Against Racism Pedagogy Supports Work Group. It complements curricular revisions that ground our degree programs more explicitly in foundational social work values, concepts and principles, including social justice, critical theories, and anti-oppressive practice.  

The rigorous training program, offered at least once per academic year to all full-time and adjunct faculty as well as doctoral students, consists of readings, videos, reflection questions, and accountability group meetings that participants complete in five two-week cycles. It provides tools to promote racial equity; navigate discussions on racism and identity; facilitate self-reflection with regard to these issues; and prioritize the comfort, performance and learning of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students. Designed with the recognition that white and BIPOC faculty have different lived experiences of race, readings, tools, reflection questions, and discussion opportunities are tailored to address each group’s unique training needs. At the end of the seminar, participants submit a teaching and learning plan, in which they reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses in the domains of Critical Knowledge, Critical Awareness, Critical Analysis, and Critical Actions. They then outline a concrete plan to continue their growth and development and to apply what they have learned in their classrooms and other professional environments.

The following full-time and adjunct faculty and doctoral students have completed the seminar and have been given the designation as NYU Silver Antiracism Pedagogy Champions: 

Jeane Anastas, Professor Emerita
Gwendolyn (Wendy) Bassett, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Robert S. Berger, Adjunct Associate Professor
Barbara Biermann, Adjunct Lecturer
Shari Bloomberg, Graduate Student Adjunct
Lynden Bond, Graduate Student Adjunct
Elisa Chow, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sabrina Cluesman, PhD Student
Christine Cocchiola, Graduate Student Adjunct
Gerri Connaught, Graduate Student Adjunct
Laura Curran, Graduate Student Adjunct
Cora de Leon, Clinical Assistant Professor; Director of the Undergraduate Program
Anne Dempsey, Clinical Assistant Professor
Danielle Esposito, Adjunct Lecturer
Christine Fewell, Adjunct Professor
Jane Fialko, Adjunct Lecturer
Krystal Folk, DSW Student
Elizabeth Galderisi-Kohlmeier, Adjunct Lecturer
Susan Gerbino, Clinical Professor; Director, Zelda Foster Studies Program in Palliative and End-of-Life Care
Joan Greenberg, Adjunct Associate Professor
Ronnie Greenberg, Adjunct Assistant Professor
April Grigsby, Graduate Student Adjunct
Wen-Jui Han, Professor
Aminda Heckman, Clinical Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Rockland County Campus
Robert Judem-Cautin, Adjunct Lecturer
David Kamnitzer, Adjunct Associate Professor
Nicholas Lanzieri, Clinical Associate Professor
Jacqueline Lefkowitz, Adjunct Associate Professor
Abigail Levites, DSW Student
Kelsey Louie, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dianne Mack, PhD Student
Juhi Malhotra, Clinical Assistant Professor
Jennifer Manuel, Associate Professor
James Martin, Retired Associate Professor
Porsche Martin, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Linda Mathew, DSW Student
Gabriella McBride, Graduate Student Adjunct
Joseph McCarthy, Adjunct Lecturer
Lockhart McKelvy, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Francine Mendelowitz, DSW Student
Madelyn Miller, Adjunct Associate Professor
Diane Mirabito, Clinical Professor; Chair, Practice Curriculum
Peggy Morton, Clinical Associate Professor
Yuval Moses, Adjunct Lecturer
Michelle Munson, Professor
Nancy Murakami, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jennifer Murayama, DSW Student
Meredith O’Boyle, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Elizabeth (Libby) O’Connor, Adjunct Lecturer
Olatunde Olusesi, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Hadiza Osuji, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dwight Panozzo, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Joan Pastore, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Andrée Pilaro, Adjunct Associate Professor
Alana Pudalov, Graduate Student Adjunct
Susan Resek, DSW Student
Mary Ricciardi-Mastria, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Aaron Rodwin, PhD Student
Allison Ross, Adjunct Lecturer
Panthea Saidipour, Adjunct Lecturer
Stephanie Sarabia, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ava Schlesinger, Adjunct Lecturer
Dayna Sedillo-Hamann, Adjunct Lecturer
Fran Silverman, Adjunct Associate Professor
Susan Stone, Adjunct Associate Professor
Kathrine Sullivan, Assistant Professor
Pa Thor, Graduate Student Adjunct
Eric Thurnauer, Adjunct Lecturer
Greg Tully, Adjunct Lecturer
Elena Vairo, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Christine Wilkins, Adjunct Associate Professor
Nancy Xenakis, Adjunct Lecturer
Sejung Yang, PhD Student