A template for Full Time Faculty Biographies.
Biographies of full time faculty are entered here. This is a template that contains a Bio component. It is used exclusively on the Bio template.

Parameters Input By Author

  • General
    • Honorific
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Middle Name
    • Suffix
    • Title
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Degrees
    • Link to CV
      • A CV can be uploaded to the DAM and then linked to from here
  • Bio
    • Text of the Biography
  • Additional Info
    • Expertise
    • Presentations
    • Publications
  • Image


A video tutorial for the Faculty Bio component is available at the bottom of this page. Additionally, a high-resolution version is also available here.

  1. Drag the Bio component onto the page.
  2. Input faculty information in the General tab.
  3. Upload CV to the DAM and link it in the CV field.
  4. Enter Biography text in the Bio tab.
  5. Enter expertise, presentations, and publications in the Additional Info tab.
  6. Drag an image into the Image tab.
  7. Click OK.

Screen Shots

Configuration dialog



Faculty Bio Video Guide

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