Silver Events Calendar


This is a component that allows you to add a list of events you've submitted to the main NYU Events Calendar and have them displayed on your CMS-based page.

If your group does not yet have access to the NYU Events Calendar, please see our tutorial section on Requesting Accounts for New Calendar Group Members. Or, write to the Digital Communications Events Team at:

Parameters Input By Author

  • Main tab
    • Event List Title
    • Calendar
      • the feed URL for the Events Calendar from which you wish to pull data
    • Show miniature calendar view?
      • Check to display miniature calendar view
    • Calendar Time Span
      • Include events from the selected length of time
    • Number of Events to Display
      • Limit the number of events to display (max value = 25)


  1. Drag the "Silver Events Calendar" component from Sidekick into page.
  2. For Event List Title, type in the text that you wish to have appear at the top of your event list. For example, Upcoming Events. Or, This Week's Events.
  3. For Calendar, you will need to enter in your specific Calendar Group's feed URL information. The feed URL may be constructed to return all your events, events that have been assigned a specific category, or only events that you've entered with specific tags assigned. There are many permutations that may be created to surface specific events.

    Here are some examples using your Calendar Group, "social-work":

    If you need assistance with the URL construction, please write to

  4. For Show miniature calendar view, put a checkmark in the box if you want to have a small mini-calendar appear at the top of your event list.
  5. For Calendar Time Span, select from the drop-down menu the time span for the event dates that will be displayed. The minimum amount is 1 day, the maximum is 1 year.
  6. For Number of Events to Display, add in the number of events you wish to show in your list. There is a maximum display of 25 events.
    • Best practice: If you have a lot of events scheduled each day over the course of a week, we recommend that you only display 1 week's worth of events. Keep in mind that displaying many events will create the need for your site visitors to scroll down the page.
  7. Click on OK.

Screen Shots

Configuration dialog tab