Open Code


Open Code allows the author to add custom HTML/JavaScript to a page, which may be desirable if existing components do not serve a particular need. For example, open code is used to generate the slides in a carousel.

The component allows for two modes: in edit mode, HTML markup will be viewable so that the author may see their source code; and in preview mode the HTML will be rendered (not escaped) so that the author may see the final result in context.

Parameters Input By Author

  • Open code
    • Standard HTML and JavaScript can be entered by the author
  • Remove JS from open code (checkbox)
    • Option to filter out JavaScript code


  1. Drag the Open Code component onto page.
  2. Enter code in the Open Code field.
  3. Check the box to remove Javascript.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Reload the page to see the code in effect.

Screen Shots

Configuration dialog