Page Links


Page Links provide a simple list of links to any anchors in the content area. If the user clicks the link, they are brought to that area of the page.

It is used mostly in conjunction with the “Box Name” parameter of the Box component to link to a box on a page. This is useful for long content areas with many different sections.

If a box has a “Box Name” property, Page Links uses it as the anchor and the “Box Title” as the text in the link of the link: <a href=”#Box_Name” title=”[x]”>Title of Box</a>. (This is the most common way to use Page Links, but authors could insert <a name=”” title=”title”></a> tags manually)

It groups all of the links together into a list and prints it together with a Page Links title: “On This Page” in this case.

There are no configurations for this component.


  1. Drag the Page Links component onto page.
  2. Click OK.

Screen Shots