Photo Gallery


The Photo Gallery displays either an array of photo thumbnails or a single photo thumbnail chosen by the author. Clicking on the thumbnail opens a larger version of the photo in a modal window. The user can scroll through all of the photos in the gallery.

Parameters Input By Author

  • Title tab
    • Title
    • Size
    • Style Override
  • Photo Gallery tab
    • Photo
    • Alt Text
    • Link
    • Title
    • Caption
  • Config tab
    • Use First Photo To Open Gallery
    • Gallery Name
  • Box Admin tab
    • Box Design
    • Box Class
    • Box Style
    • Box ID
    • Box Name
    • Box Body Style


  1. Drag Photo Gallery component onto page.
  2. Input title info into Title tab.
  3. In the Photo Gallery tab, fill in the info and click "Add".
  4. Repeat Step 3 for each slide.
  5. Input configuration and admin info in their respective tabs.
  6. Click OK.

Screen Shots

Configuration dialog