Press Mention


This component facilitates insertion of “in-the-news” pieces of content, which entails a title that is hyperlinked to another web page (either internal or external), the source of the news, and optional teaser. The author drops the component on a page.

Parameters Input By Author

  • Configuration dialog
    • Date and time
    • Title
      • Text to be displayed on the authored page
    • Link
      • Hyperlink to the news web page
    • Source
      • Source of the news
    • Teaser text
      • Introductory text


  1. Drag the Press Mention component onto page.
  2. Specify the date and time of the press mention. The current time is the default and is pre-populated.
  3. Enter the Title of the press mention.
  4. Enter the hyperlink of the news web page referenced by this press mention.
  5. Specify the source of the news.
  6. Optionally, enter a teaser.
  7. Click on OK.

Screen Shots

Configuration dialog tabs