The Promos component acts like a banner ad, allowing the author to provide text, an image and link in a small HTML container. All promo designs are available to the author via a dropdown menu. New designs can be added easily. Some designs may require images.

Parameters Input By Author

  • Promo Properties
    • Caption line 1
    • Caption line 2
    • Caption line 3
    • Caption Size - (small, medium, large) best to stay with the default unless necessary
    • Link
    • Promo Design
  • Image
  • Image Properties


  1. Drag the Promos component onto the page.
  2. In the Promo Properties tab, select the design from the drop-down menu.
  3. Input Caption lines.
  4. Select caption font size.
  5. Enter the link path.
  6. If using Profile or Topic designs, drop in an image in the Image tab.
  7. Input Title, Alt Text, and select width in the Image Properties tab.
  8. Click on OK.


Please read about the behaviors of images in the Image component as they apply here as well.


Topic Design Profile Design Block Design Color Design