This component is a simple list of links that connect an end-user to another web page when selecting a link from the list. CMS Authors will be easily able to specify titles and links for the menu.

Parameters Input By Author

  • General tab
    • Title
      • Text displayed at top of component.
    • Use page title
      • Overrides specified page title, and uses container page's title.
  • Shortcuts tab
    • Label
      • The text displayed as the link.
    • Location
      • Address of the link.


  1. Drag the Shortcuts component onto the page from the Sidekick.
  2. In the General tab, input Title in the Title field. Check the box if you want to use the page title instead.
  3. In the Shortcuts tab, enter the Label of your shortcut and the path.
  4. Click on Add Link to add more shortcuts.
  5. Use the Up, Down, and Remove buttons to rearrange your shortcuts.
  6. Click on OK.

Screen Shots

Configuration dialog tabs