This component displays the top-level node (inclusive or exclusive) and list all child pages and links underneath.

Parameters Input By Author

  • Configuration
    • Root Path
      • The starting point of the sitemap, whose items include the page corresponding to the specified path, followed by descendant pages.
    • Exclude top-level
      • Toggle switch to include (or exclude) the top-level nodes of the content path corresponding to the site.


  1. Drag the Sitemap component onto the page from the Sidekick.
  2. By default, if no root path is specified, the sitemap is generated starting from the top-level (language) page. If the language page must be excluded from the sitemap rendition, select the Exclude top-level option (checkbox).
  3. Specify a starting point in the site’s content tree.
  4. If the top-level language path is selected, it can be excluded (see step 2).
  5. Click on OK.

Additionally, the sitemap component could be used to generate a list of child pages for a section of a site if needed.

Screen Shots

Configuration dialog tab