The Table component enables the user to display tabular data on a page. The out-of-the-box Adobe CQ5’s table component lets a user add/remove rows and columns as well as populate cells with rich text. This further customized component will give the user the option to stripe alternating rows and/or columns, as well as designate the first row and/or column as a header row or column. Additionally, the user can enter a title for the table, which is displayed above the table data.

Parameters Input By Author

  • Table title tab
    • Title
    • Size
      • Font-size of title
    • Caption
      • Text displayed below table
  • Table Editor tab
    • This contains a rich text editor interface specialized for table composition
  • Footer tab
    • This contains a rich text editor for composing footer content
  • Table Admin tab
    • Stripe alternating rows
    • Stripe alternating columns
    • First row contains headers
    • First column contains headers
    • Draw borders
    • Table style
      • Override style on the whole table
    • Table ID
      • A unique ID for the table 


  1. Drag the Table component onto the page.
  2. Input Title, Size, and Caption in the Table Title tab.
  3. Enter table content in the Table Editor tab.
  4. Enter footer content in the Footer tab.
  5. In the Table Admin tab, check the boxes to change the style of the table.
  6. Click on OK.

Screen Shots

Configuration dialog tabs

Table Title tab Table Editor tab

Footer tab Table Admin tab