The Text/Image component is one of the most frequently used components. It allows CMS Authors to create, edit, and delete basic text with additional rich text features such as links, subheadings, and bulleted lists. Optionally, an image can be inserted to accompany the text without having to use a separate Image component.

Parameters Input By Author

  • Title tab
    • Title
    • Size
    • Style Override
  • Rich Text tab
  • Image tab
    • Drag in an image.
  • Image Properties tab
    • Title
    • Alt text
    • Caption
    • Width
    • CSS Style
    • CSS Class
    • Alignment
  • Footer tab
  • Box Admin tab
    • Box Design
    • Box Class
    • Box Style
    • Box ID
    • Box Name
    • Box Body Style


  1. Drag Text/Img component onto page.
  2. Enter header information in the Title tab.
  3. Enter content in the Rich Text tab.
  4. Drag in an image in the Image tab.
  5. Edit image properties in the Image Properties tab.
  6. Enter footer content in the Footer tab.
  7. Enter admin information in the Box Admin tab.
  8. Click OK.

Screen Shots

Configuration dialog