Lecture Capture

What is Lecture Capture?

NYU Silver is engaged in a University-wide Lecture Capture pilot for the Academic Year 2013 – 2014. Our school was selected to use Panopto video capture software. Panopto captures video and audio feeds from the classroom lecture as well as image feeds – usually from PowerPoint – from the projectors. Lecture capture is intended to supplement the classroom experience, and is not a class replacement. NYU views it primarily as a study aid.

G13 is outfitted with a camera, two ceiling microphones, and Panopto software installed on the classroom PC. G13 was selected because the drop ceiling allows for the installation of a complex series of cables. After the pilot wraps, and if the school decides to permanently configure a classroom, other spaces will be evaluated.

With lecture capture, instructors can make class material available to students unable to attend in person or provide review material to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom session, and more.

There are three different ways to capture media: (1) the primary source, which is the camera recording of the classroom; (2) material displayed on the computer screen; (3) PowerPoint presentations being played on the computer.

While it is possible to record PowerPoint presentations using the computer screen capture instead of the PowerPoint-specific panel, using this feature to record will let students and other viewers access enhanced functionality.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact silver.it@nyu.edu. The availability of Lecture Capture on an ongoing basis is limited at this time, because it is still in the pilot phase.

How To Create a Recording

A PDF version of this guide is also available for download here.

  1. On the computer, open the Panopto recording program by double-clicking the green Panopto icon on the desktop. It can also be opened by clicking the Panopto icon near the Start button.

  2. Log on using your designated Panopto Account.
    Once the program is open, ensure that the checkboxes for “Capture PowerPoint” and “Capture Primary Screen” are checked if you would like to record those sources. If you would prefer not to record either the primary screen or PowerPoint, uncheck the boxes.   
    • An example of a recording made with only the Capture PowerPoint option checked can be viewed here.
    • An example of a recording with both Capture PowerPoint and Capture Primary Screen options checked is available here.

      Note: If you would like to have video or DVD recorded, play it using the computer in order for the screen capture feature to record the material. Alternatively, play the clip on YouTube if it is available. Note: checking “Primary Screen” records anything displayed on the desktop computer.

      Note: If you have PowerPoint slides that you would like to be recorded, load them into the PowerPoint panel by clicking “Open a Presentation” and navigating to your PowerPoint.
  3. Click the red “RECORD” button to begin recording the material.
  4. If at any time you wish to pause recording or if you have material that you do not want recorded, press “PAUSE” to pause recording.
  5. Click the “RESUME” to resume recording.
  6. When finished recording, press the “STOP” button to stop recording. Recordings will not stop automatically.
  7. The recording status screen will be shown after you stop the recording. The recording will be automatically uploaded online and a notification email containing the link to view will be sent to you when the upload is finished.
  8. You can log off and close the “Recording Status Screen”. The recording will be processed in the background. You can view, share, edit, and delete the recording at a later date via the Panopto website.