How to Book a Space

How to Book a Space:

  1. Login is required to book a space. 
  2. To book a space, click on the “Book a Space” button on the main page. You will be redirected to the login screen.
  3. After logging in, select “Reservations” from the main file menu. Depending on your role, you may see one or several selections for requesting space. Select the appropriate menu item - i.e. “Request a Room (180 Days) to proceed to a room booking. 
  4. You will now see three tabs: Info, Location, and Details. The Info tab displays department room request guidelines. The Location tab displays the rooms available based on your search criteria for space, and it is where you will select a room to reserve. The Details tab is where you will enter additional information about your request. You will also see two sections on the left of the page: When and Where, and Setup Information. Both areas are required to find space.
  5. To begin, under “When and Where” enter the “Date” at which the space is needed, the “Start Time”, “End Time”, and Facility (1 Washington Square North is the only option). Then, in “Setup Information” enter the estimated attendance of your event under “Attendance”, and select a “Setup Type” (examples of setup types are available under the info tab). If the event is recurring, you can select “Recurrence” to specify the recurrence details.
  6. Next select “Find Space” to search for rooms that match your criteria.The search may take a moment. The results of your search will be displayed under the “Location Tab”. You are able to see the space available, its location, and the room capacity. To select a space, click the green plus sign next to the available location. The space will now be added to your Cart. If you change your mind, and wish to adjust your search, remove the space by selecting red trash can next to the listing. You may select multiple rooms if necessary.
  7. Now, select the “Details” tab to enter additional information about the event. Please note that by selecting a catering and/or IT service item, you are indicating a preference. You are still responsible for catering, and IT service will be confirmed separately.
  8. When you are finished entering the additional details, submit your request. Please allow 24 hours response time. If request is urgent, please call 212.998.9096. To make a change to your request, click the pencil icon. 
  9. After completing your submission, your reservation details are displayed. You can cancel (Trash Can Icon), edit (Pencil Icon), or modify (Green Plus Sign) your reservation and services associated with this reservation. Please note that spaces must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance of the event.