Community Resources

The Office for Research (OFR) has built relationships with a wide range of community organizations and schools. OFR can coordinate contacts within these organizations and schools for faculty who desire to conduct research in them or in similar organizations/schools.

The organizations cover a wide range of topic areas, contexts, and functions, including:

  • social issues for children and adolescents;
  • social issues for adults;
  • social issues for older adults;
  • schools and school-based education;
  • health organizations;
  • work environments;
  • community mental health for adults;
  • developmental disabilities;
  • hospital based mental health for adults; and
  • legal services.

Possible research projects with organizations should be pre-screened in conjunction with the OFR before contacting the agency or school. OFR will provide advice about the best way to contact the target organization to maximize the chances of cooperation. Open a PDF list of organizations and key contact people within the Silver School of Social Work who will ultimately assist OFR in making contact. The list shows the range of possibilities for faculty.

In most cases, if you conduct a search on Google of the name of the organization on the list, you will obtain a website describing the services and foci of it.