General Information

The NYU office that oversees the IRB process is called the University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects (UCAIHS). The UCAIHS website contains instructions on how to submit an IRB application using the Cayuse IRB System. It also provides documents with guidelines about how to address a range of issues related to conducting research with human subjects. Here is a list of some of the guideline documents they provide:

  • Collaborative research involving human subjects
  • Prisoner Guidance
  • Undergraduate Student (Classroom) Research
  • Language for Consent Forms
  • Language for Parental Permission Forms
  • Language for Child Assent (under age 12)
  • Sample Language for Consent Forms
  • International Research
  • Instructions for Events Requiring Prompt Reporting to the IRB (UPIRSO)
  • Summary Guidance on Certificates of Confidentiality

Go to the web page that has these documents as well as all the application forms.

The SSSW Office for Research will provide assistance in navigating the IRB process for funded research.

Submission Deadlines for IRB Review

Completion of Tutorials and Certification

Starting May 25th, NYU will transition to Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training modules for Human Subjects, available at

PIs, Faculty Sponsors and Key Personnel--all individuals responsible for the design and conduct of a research study--who have not completed the UCAIHS administered certification exam prior to the transition will be required to take and pass the NYU CITI training modules, with an 80 or above as per the University's Federal Wide Assurance.

If you have already taken the CITI training at another institution, you may check to confirm that what you have taken includes all the modules required by NYU. If so, you may add NYU to your profile.

Is IRB Review Needed for My Research?

Some projects involving human subjects do not need IRB approval. For example, class projects that are non-intrusive, do not focus on risk populations, and that are not intended to be published often do not require IRB review. Determine if your project requires review.

Contact with UCAIHS

To ask questions of UCAIHS via email, use To review the status of your application, use the Cayuse IRB Manual (pages 17-21). The general phone number for UCAHIS is (212) 998-4808.

Key contact persons in the NYU IRB office are:

Alison Dewhurst, Human Research Compliance Director,

Gretchen Borges, Senior IRB Administrator,

Marguarette Bolton-Blatt, CIP, IRB Administrator,

Liz Andersen, Assistant IRB Administrator,

Austin Browning, IRB Systems Analyst,


See the drop-in hours for UCAIHS for one-on-one, face-to-face consultation for IRB projects or IRB issues.

Current 2019-2020 Schedule

SSSW Contact Person

Dr. Jeane Anastas, a faculty member in SSSW, has kindly offered to answer questions about IRB issues if you encounter unusual circumstances or need advice on how to address an IRB matter.