Facilities & Technology

The Silver School of Social Work (SSSW) maintains computers and computing facilities to assist faculty in their research. In addition, there are computing resources and facilities available in the broader NYU community.

SSSW Information Technology Group

The SSSW maintains an Office for Information Technology that handles all matters related to computing for the school. The OIT phone number is (212) 998-4340. They can be reached by email at silver.it@nyu.edu. See the web page of the SSSW Office for Information Technology

SSSW "Super" Computers

The SSSW maintains two computer stations that have extra RAM memory, large and fast hard drives, and a wide range of software not supported by NYU that may be useful for large-scale research conducted within the school. The computers are located in the NYU SSSW building at 20 Cooper Square. Contact the Office for Research at silver.ofr@nyu.edu to request a key to access the lab. You may retain keys throughout the length of your project.

SSSW Secondary Data Base Laboratory

The SSSW is building a library of secondary data bases, which are acquired as faculty need them. Two dedicated computers are made available for data analysis in a secure room (with no internet access, as this is required for many secondary data sets) at 838 Broadway on the third floor in room 328.

The databases currently available on the machines include the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) and the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods (PHDCN). 

The Office for Research can assist in acquiring a database of your choosing. In most cases, using a secondary database requires a formal application to the organization that makes the database available, as well as IRB approval. In addition, secure facilities are required. Send a request to silver.ofr@nyu.edu. Download a description of some potentially useful secondary data sets you might consider. 

If you add a personal data base that you have acquired to the computers, you must encrypt the folder and data for security purposes. Download a step-by-step guide on how to do so using encryption software installed on the computer.

Statistical Software - Remote Access

The OFR maintains a server so that faculty can access software remotely from their laptops. The software available includes R, Mplus, SPSS, AMOS, and selected specialized software for drawing path diagrams as well as specialized software for SEM and power analysis. Contact the Office for Research for permission and instructions on how to access the software (silver.ofr@nyu.edu).

The Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) maintained by NYU central also provides remote access to academic software through a web browser and an Internet connection, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to NYU students only (those with active NYU email accounts). Available software includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Reader, ArcMap, ArcScene, Atlas.ti, Inkscape, Mathematica, MatLab, MiniTab, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Notepad, PSpice, R, SAS, SPSS and STATA. Learn more about the VCL.

Statistical Software for Purchase

NYU makes a wide range of software available for purchase by faculty at significant discounts. View a list of this software.

NYU Computer Labs

NYU maintains many computer labs throughout the university. View a listing of the labs with hours of operations and location. 

Reserving Space On The NYU Campus

NYU rents space on campus for a variety of uses. View a list of available spaces.