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Welcome new and returning students! Join us for four weeks of welcome programs and events.

Josephine Gonzalez, Associate Director, Inclusive Engagement and Student Life
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I am very proud to be a social worker. When we show up, things get better because we know how to work with individuals, families and systems .

Dr. Michael A. Lindsey, Dean and Paulette Goddard Professor
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My NYU education has helped me secure jobs that reward my skills and provide opportunities for growth.

Sally Martir, MSW ’20
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Every single professor has been willing to put the extra time into helping me. The support here is amazing.

Daniel Baslock, PhD Student
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In New York City, every block is an opportunity for learning.

Kirk Cooper-Johnson, BS ’17
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Silver's demonstrated commitment to pursuing social justice aligns directly with my experience and efforts.

Solimar Santiago-Warner, DSW ’22
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We remain committed to providing a world-class education that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Finding Her Path in Social Work and Fulfilling Her Professional Dream

Cristina Favaro always had a passion for working with children, especially during their early years, but her path to doing so was anything but linear. Fortunately, she found her calling in social work. Now, as a new NYU Silver MSW graduate, she has accepted a position in the inaugural cohort of The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services’ Social Work Residency, where she will work with babies, toddlers, and young children with behavioral, developmental, and emotional difficulties.

Cristina Favaro stands in front of a red brick wall and white paned window wearing a black mortarboard with a purple tassel and a purple academic gown with a gold master’s hood.
Cristina Favaro
MSW ’23
Social Work Resident, Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services

Innovating to Support Black Expectant Parents and Reduce Maternal Mortality

Inspired by her Interpersonal Psychotherapy professor, Victoria Juste, MSW ’24, came up with the idea of a gift box product to support Black expectant parents through the course of pregnancy with the overall goal of helping to reduce Black maternal mortality. Her resulting product, Melanated Mom & Pop Box, was one of four winners of NYU’s 2022 Blackstone LaunchPad Ideas Competition. With support from NYU’s Entrepreneurial Institute, Victoria moved on with other campus-level winners across the country to the Network Round of the competition with the chance to win additional prize money to further develop her idea.

Victoria Juste headshot
Victoria Juste
MSW ’24

Facts & Figures

U.S. News & World Report ranking for Best Grad Schools for Social Work
Placement agencies in our network
Faculty inducted into the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare
MSW grads employed or continuing education six months post-graduation
Hours of service our students provide to vulnerable individuals and families each year
Campuses in the U.S. and China
Full- and part-time pathways to the MSW
Alums who have elevated lives

Advancing Social Justice

While earning his degree at Silver, Michael Sanders (front row center), MSW ’19—father, army veteran, and entrepreneur—was the vice president of the NYU Military Alliance, an NYU Social Sector Leadership Diversity Fellow, a Silver Student Leadership Council Fellow, a member of the Students of Color Collective, and one of two students on the School’s Social Justice Praxis Committee. Michael, who is now a Social Service Advocate at the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Boston, observed, “Being a social worker means fighting for social justice and never forgetting our responsibility to our clients, to ourselves, and to society as a whole.”

Pioneering Research & Evidence-Based Solutions

The Silver School Faculty is Examining Society’s Pressing Problems.

Ringing and Answering the Alarm About Black Youth Suicide

As chair of the working group of experts supporting the Congressional Black Caucus Emergency Taskforce on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health, Dean Michael A. Lindsey led the production of a report titled Ring the Alarm: The Crisis of Black Youth Suicide, which informed the bipartisan Pursuing Equity in Mental Health Act. Now he’s leading an National Institutes of Health-funded  study testing a system of care for Black youth presenting at NYC hospital emergency departments that combines suicide risk screening with an intervention to help connect at-risk youth to quality mental health services.

Overhead view of a Black teen wearing a blue sweatshirt and brown backpack walking down the stairs along a brick wall

Combating Ageism and Promoting Intergenerational Connection

“Age discrimination is bad for people and it’s bad for the economy,” Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Health and Aging Innovation Ernest Gonzales said in invited testimony to the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging. As the global population continues to age, research by Dr. Gonzales, who also directs our MSW program, is informing policies and programs that optimize health, economic security, and strong social bonds for older adults and across generations.

Screenshot of Dr. Gonzales speaking into a microphone providing testimony to the Senate committee. Two people are seated behind him and an ASL interpreter is inset on the lower righthand side of the screen. A live transcription crawl reads "Living a long healthy and meaningful life with a solid economic foundation and strong"
Silver News
With a $2.6 million SAMHSA grant, NYU Silver School of Social Work Assistant Professor Kathrine Sullivan is spearheading a partnership with NYC ACS to help child welfare service providers better address the consequences of child maltreatment.
Dr. Kathrine Sullivan headshot
Student News
For her dedication to mental health practice within African American communities, Markie Bledsoe, MSW ’24, was awarded a Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial MSW Scholarship from the National Association of Social Workers Foundation.
Markie Bledsoe headshot
In the Media
NYU Silver Dean Michael A. Lindsey shared advice for parents and other adults on how to talk to a child about suicide.
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