Silver School Honors Faculty Authors

NYU Silver School of Social Work faculty and students gathered on September 27 to celebrate published works by the School's faculty. Books published in the 2009-2010 academic year displayed at the event:

* Teaching in Social Work: An Educator's Guide to Theory and Practice by Jeane Anastas (Columbia University Press)
* At the Crossroads: Not-for-Profit Leadership Strategies for Executives and Boards by Phil Coltoff (Wiley & Sons)
* Global Maya: Work and Ideology in Rural Guatemala by Liliana Goldin (University of Arizona Press)
* Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice: Relational Principles and Techniques by Eda Goldstein, Dennis Miehls, and Shoshana Ringel (Columbia University Press)
* Parental Monitoring of Adolescents: Current Perspectives for Researchers and Practitioners edited by Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, James Jaccard, and Patricia Dittus (Columbia University Press)
* Theory Construction and Model-Building Skills by James Jaccard and Jacob Jacoby (The Guildord Press)
* Social Policy & Social Work: The Context of Social Work Practice by Gerald Landsberg and Marjorie Rock (Pearson Custom Publishing)
* Handbook of Research with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations by James Martin and William Meezan (Routledge)
* Stop Overreacting: Effective Strategies for Calming Your Emotions by Judith Siegel (New Harbinger Publications, Inc.)
* Tristesse ou depression? Comment la psychiatrie a medicalise nos tristesse by Jerome Wakefield and Allan Horowitz (Mardaga)
* A Triseza Perdida Como a Psiquiatria Transformou A Depressao em Moda by Jerome Wakefield and Allan Horowitz (Summus Editorial)

In addition, the following DVDs were recognized:

* Look Back to Move Ahead: Social Work with Survivors of Trauma featuring Carol Tosone, Caroline Rosenthal Gelman, and Lynn McVeigh
* They Greying Elephant in the Room: Social Work with Older Adults featuring S. Lala Aschenberg Straussner, Carol Tosone, Caroline Rosenthal Gelman, and Lynn McVeigh

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