Associate Professor Theresa Aiello Inducted Into the National Academies of Practice

Associate Professor Theresa Aiello was inducted into the Social Work Academy of the National Academies of Practice (NAP) in Healthcare as a distinguished practitioner. Aiello and the new class of fellows were inducted in a ceremony on March 26 as part of the organization's annual meeting and forum.

NAP is a nonprofit professional organization composed of elected, distinguished representatives from ten different health professions, including social work, dentistry, and nursing. With its interdisciplinary perspective, NAP works to advise public policy makers on health care issues. Most elected members are distinguished practitioners and scholars who have achieved distinction while spending a significant portion or all of their careers in direct patient care.

Aiello's recent work has focused on child narratives -- how children experience the world, attach meaning to events, think about problems, and describe states of being. 

Her research interests include attachment theory and contemporary issues of child and adolescent treatment; psychoanalytic theories; the history of psychoanalytic theory and practice; oral history; social theory; feminist theory; infant research; and the intellectual history of psychoanalysis and clinical social work. She received the New York University Distinguished Teaching Award in 2000.