Listen to Student Clara Loeffel Discuss Her Pops Project on WGCH Talk Radio

Clara Loeffel, a second-year student at the Silver School's Westchester campus, was the monthly radio guest on Older and Wiser on Monday, July 25 on News Talk AM 1490 (in Westchester and Fairfield Counties). Loeffel discussed her POPS project -- designing and implementing the Conservatorship Committee of the Town of Greenwich Probate Court, which provides legal conservatorship for older adults, the mentally ill, and disabled in Greenwich, Connecticut.

While working at the Department of Social Services, Loeffel experienced the conservatorship process firsthand through a 92-year-old client suffering from dementia. In her POPS project, Loeffel proposed a committee that would lessen the disconnect she observed between the courts and social services agencies. To sustain the project and formally establish the committee within the probate court system, she drafted bylaws for the committee. On June 29, the Conservatorship Committee became a legally recognized supportive body and advisory council within the court system. Loeffel will have a continued presence as a committee member.

Loeffel's project was also featured in a July 24 Greenwich Time article.