Silver School Faculty and Staff Win Several University and School Awards

Congratulations to the faculty, administrators, and staff of the NYU Silver School of Social Work for the awards they have garnered from the School and the University over the course of the 2010-11 academic year.

"These honors are a testament to the superb work and high standards of the faculty, administrators, and staff of the Silver School," said Dean Lynn Videka. "Their contributions make the School the outstanding institution our students have come to know."

The following faculty members received awards and honors this year:

Professor Deborah Padgett has been appointed director of the Global Health concentration of the NYU Master of Public Health program for 2011-12.

Professor Jeane Anastas received the 2010-11 NYU Distinguished Teaching Award, recognizing outstanding teaching over a sustained period of service.

Assistant Professor Allison Werner-Lin received the Silver School's Great Teacher Award. The award honors full-time faculty with less than 10 years of service who demonstrate excellence in teaching, an exceptional ability to inspire students, and significant contributions to the intellectual life of the School community through their pedagogy.

Clinical Assistant Professor Alison Aldrich was honored with the Dedication to Education Award by the NYU LGBTQ Student Center at the 2011 Moving Up Day Awards. The award recognizes her dedication to education, outreach, and advocacy concerning the LGBTQ community.

Clinical Associate Professor Peggy Morton received the Faculty Nia Award from the NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs, honoring her support of NYU students' co-curricular endeavors around diversity and social justice.

University Professor Jerome Wakefield was awarded an NYU Humanities Initiative Fellowship for 2010-11. Created in 2007, the Humanities Initiative draws on the talents and energies of faculty and students across the University and provides a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration in the humanities and arts.

Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow Myra Jones-Taylor has been named an honorary faculty research fellow for 2011-12 as part of NYU's Humanities Initiative.

Alison Aldrich, Martha Gabriel, and Mary Ann Jones received a $5,000 NYU Curricular Development Challenge Fund grant for their proposal, Building Capacity for Social Work Field Curriculum in Grassroots Organizations (The GRO Project).

The following staff and administrators were recognized by New York University and the Silver School:

Matt McGuirk, Network Technician IV, Communications, received a 2010-11 Give-A-Violet Award. This honor recognizes employees who perform above and beyond the normal scope of their position and responsibilities. Nominees should excel in one or more of the following competencies and values: integrity, respect, customer focus, teamwork, and adaptability.

Mike McCaw, Supervisor, Faculty Services, was selected as the Silver School nominee for the 2010-11 NYU Distinguished Administrator Award. The award recognizes outstanding administrative and professional performance that helps NYU meet its strategic initiatives and contributes to the attainment of the University's goals.

The following administrators and staff members were recognized for 10 years of service at the University with the NYU Longer Service Award:

Maria Di Pompo, Director, Administration and Finance
Jeff McDonnell, Program Administrator/Administrative Aide II, MSW Program Services
Clara Rivera-Keita, Administrative Aide II, Office of the Dean
Theresa Urcinoli, Office Administrator/Administrative Aide II, NYU at the College of Staten Island