Celebratory Silver Ball: A Student's Perspective

The 5th Annual Silver Ball took place on Saturday, February 11, 2012. It was planned by the Graduate Student Association (GSA) for Silver's MSW students and other Silver School community members. The theme, inspired by Mad Men, mimicked the show's 1960s attire and depicted the decade's social mores. It made everyone look exceptionally elegant, especially in comparison to the jeans and t-shirts in which we commonly see one another. The venue, Kimmel Center's Rosenthal Pavilion, which has a magnificent view, had tasty food, an open bar, picture taking, and a smooth DJ to both start and end the night on a high note. Starting at 6:00 pm and going until midnight, the Silver Ball was a terrific way to spend the evening; as guests piled in, laughter began and dancing ensued. 

The purpose of the Silver Ball is to foster a greater sense of community; contribute to our mental health; and be a pleasurable, social event. It exceeded my expectations on every level. This was networking at its finest -- with over 300 people in attendance, we were able to bond with those we knew and make connections with those we did not. As social workers, I find that we often forget about ourselves and so it seemed well deserving to have us all take a night off, whether it be from placement, school, post-education employment, or LMSW prep. The event falls under the category of "self-care," whether that entails expelling all those dance moves or sitting back with a few drinks. We earned a break and this was a perfect opportunity. Our daily craziness and the work that we do is truly so heavy that it was nice to enjoy a light experience together. It comes to show us all that as a group, not only do we know how to deal with the bad but we also know how to celebrate the good.

The planning committee made this evening such a tremendous success. I recommend that all future Silver students attend the ball. It serves as proof of how we can to kick up our heels, let down our hair, and indulge in a fun-filled evening. After all, as social workers we know better than most that life is too short to be anything but happy, and your happiness at this ball is nothing less than a guarantee. 

As Silver students, we were each truly beautiful threads of silver glitter than tied the night together to make it a memorable tapestry of an evening.