The USGA Hosts an Election Night Party

On Election Night, November 6, 2012, students from the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) at the NYU Silver School for Social Work gathered at 8pm to watch the results live. The Silver School building was full of the laughter and noise of politically active USGA members who wanted to be together as the election results were broadcast. The room held a nervous energy, as many students feared that the Republican Party would be the victor that night.

To make the occasion a fun one, students made watching the election results more like a movie party. Students colored in maps of the United States either blue or red when a win was confirmed for Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama. "Does anyone want candy?" asked Lily Tagg, BS '13, one of the USGA co-presidents. Student eagerly passed the bag around.

Cordelia Brady, BS '13, the other USGA co-president, had her eyes glued to the screen in anticipation, eventually getting up to change the channel. She found another station that showed the exact number of electoral and popular votes won for each state at that point in the evening. No channel seemed good enough, as students wanted to know what if swing states had been decided yet. A close tie between Romney and Obama in Ohio drew heavy sighs from students, but did not deter hopes of who would win.

"I'm going to be here all night!" declared Lauren Zimmerman, BS '13. With a long night ahead of them, the USGA students reflected the sentiment of the importance of this election on the future of the United States. Issues that social workers stand behind, including bringing health care to underserved populations and stopping cuts to important programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, were on the line. For many students, Obama's reelection means that change will happen in their generation.

The USGA at the Silver School is a student run group that connects faculty and administration with students. USGA hosts activities for students throughout the year to encourage them to socialize and become involved with educational programming. Their office is located in G12, and they have meetings every other Tuesday in the Parlor from 7-8pm.

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