Japanese Social Workers Visit NYU Silver

Two social worker educators from Japan visited the Silver School of Social Work earlier this month. Yukio Yamaguchi, research associate professor at the Japan College of Social Work, and Masami Shinya, professor at the School of Social and Public Administration at the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), spent a day at NYU Silver on February 5 connecting with NYU Silver faculty members and discussing the role of social workers in disaster relief efforts.

A group of NYU Silver faculty -- including Dean Lynn Videka and faculty members Wen-Jui Han, Yuhwa Eva Lu, Diane Mirabito, and Tazuko Shibusawa -- first met Yamaguchi and Shinya in Shanghai in June 2011. While Shinya teaches at ECUST, she is a Japanese national. Yamaguchi and Shinya have both been involved in disaster relief work in Asia -- in Japan following the tsunami in March 2011, and in Sichuan, China, after the 2008 earthquake.