NYU Silver Takes a Stand

The NYU Silver School of Social Work community gathered on Tuesday, December 9 for a moment of silence for Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and others who have been victims of social injustice.

At 12:30 pm—with the downpours from a Nor’easter temporarily letting up—approximately 150 students, faculty, staff, and administrators gathered together to advocate for social justice for all Americans. The group lined up on the sidewalk, holding signs and umbrellas, and overflowed up onto the steps of 2 and 3 Washington Square North.

After three minutes of silence, the group shouted, “No justice, no peace!” Following the moment of silence, NYU Silver student leaders and interns for the Undoing Racism Internship Project invited students to a meeting to discuss the grand jury decisions and protests that have happened over the past two weeks. The School-wide efforts were led by Associate Dean Tazuko Shibusawa and Assistant Dean Courtney O’Mealley.

“It was inspiring to see our community put their values of social justice into action,” said Dean Lynn Videka. “I am happy to see our students, faculty, and staff advocate for the causes important to them.”