Associate Professor Victoria Stanhope and NYU Wagner Dean Lead Transatlantic Academic Exchange

The European Commission awarded a group of researchers, advocates and practitioners, including Silver School Associate Professor Victoria Stanhope and Wagner Dean and Professor of Public Service Sherry Glied, a four-year €477K Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) grant to build a Citizenship, Recovery and Inclusive Society Partnership. With this funding, the partnership will share ideas and research from the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany and the United States. The University of Strathclyde in Scotland and New York University (Silver and Wagner) will serve as project coordinators, bringing together leaders from European and American academia, policy, practice, business, and community organizations.

This collaboration will enable new knowledge, synergies, and solutions to emerge by connecting diverse national and disciplinary perspectives with the experiences of people living with mental health problems, especially women and minorities. Dr. Stanhope notes, “social exclusion is often intensified for women who encounter gender-based discrimination and cumulative adversity.” As a result, she and her colleagues will focus on how person-centered care can address the particular challenges faced by women and marginalized populations.

"This grant will enable us to share our learning in profound ways to understand ‘what works’ in very different social contexts,” Dr. Stanhope explained. Moreover, Silver students and faculty will have the opportunity to meet and learn from this global team of experts, as they visit NYU over the next four years. When this collaboration ends, Dr. Stanhope hopes that she and her colleagues will be able to transform their efforts into policy-oriented funded-research. "The EU-supported exchange combines scientific rigor, interaction with scholars in other countries, and collaboration across disciplines, fields, and sectors. It provides a critical framework for greater understanding and effective solutions to a pressing issue in mental health," Dr. Glied said.

Learn more about the Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE).

Research Partners: Ulm University (Germany), University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom), Yale University (USA), Scottish Mental Health Foundation, the Finnish Association of Mental Health, and the Illinois Institute for Technology.