NYU Professor of Social Work Vincent Guilamo-Ramos is Named Presidential Leadership Scholar

Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, professor of social work at New York University, has been named a Presidential Leadership Scholar for 2016, joining a six-month, executive-style program that begins this week at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home.

The unique initiative draws on the resources of the presidential centers of Lyndon B. Johnson, George H.W. Bush, William J. Clinton, and George W. Bush, enabling the select scholars to learn from former presidents, key administration officials, and leading academics.

Guilamo-Ramos is one of 61 scholars invited to participate in the program’s second class due to their desire and capacity to take their leadership strengths to a higher level to help their communities and the country. In addition to teaching at NYU’s Silver School of Social Work, where his research focuses on adolescent health and well-being, Guilamo-Ramos co-directs the school's Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (CLAFH).

As part of the Presidential Leadership Scholars opportunity, Guilamo-Ramos will further develop his Fathers Raising Responsible Men project, an intervention that enables fathers in low-income communities to engage effectively in promoting healthy and responsible decisions by their adolescent sons.

“I am honored and thrilled to be selected for this six-month initiative,” said Professor Guilamo-Ramos. “It is an amazing opportunity to intersect with a range of truly outstanding thinkers and practitioners across a variety of sectors and disciplines, and enhance my evidence-based work to improve positive sexual health outcomes.”

Lynn Videka, Dean, NYU’s Silver School of Social Work, said, “Dr. Guilamo-Ramos is an exemplary educator, researcher, and mentor. His commitment to excellence in teaching and learning is rooted in his passion for improving the health and well-being of poverty-impacted communities, and scholarly expertise. On behalf of the Silver School community, I would like to congratulate Dr. Guilamo-Ramos on joining this prestigious group of leaders and scholars.”

Over the course of the program, the scholars will travel to each participating presidential center, and study and put into practice varying approaches to leadership. They will also develop a network of peers, and exchange ideas with mentors and others who can help them make an impact in their communities. The program encompasses about 100 hours of informative sessions and case studies, and covers expansive approaches to leadership theory, drawing upon examples from recent presidents. The new cohort of 61 scholars was chosen through a rigorous process that began with more than 600 applications. Scholars were selected based on their leadership growth potential and the strength of their personal leadership projects aimed at improving the civic or social good by addressing a problem or need in a community, profession, or organization.