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Dean Michael A. Lindsey Takes the Main Stage at iHeartMedia Expo

Graphic of layered black and red silhouette heads with text that reads Charlamagne Tha God in Partnership with MWA and IHeartRadio present Mental Wealth Expo
Dean Lindsey wearing a leather jacket and speaking into a microphone in front of a banner with large black letters

Dean Lindsey said about the mental health of Black men and boys, “We don’t have words to put to how we feel, because we’re taught to ‘man up’ and tough it out, and not articulate what the pain is.” 

When Black boys and men are prevented from verbally expressing their pain, Dean Lindsey said, too often “That pain turns inward, whether you’re smoking it out, drinking it out or acting it out on somebody else.”

Actor Lammon Rucker and Dean Lindsey sitting side-by-side on tall chairs holding microphones and speaking in front of a large Mental Wealth Expo banner
Dean Lindsey on stage with actor Lammon Rucker

“We can help young brothers...express themselves,” he advised. “It’s not so much [saying] are ‘Are you good?’ but ‘How are you feeling? Talk to me about what you’re feeling right now.’” 

Dean Lindsey also co-led a breakout session about Black suicide prevention that was attended by community members and mental health practitioners.