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On the Front Line of HIV Care at ANAC 2017

In previewing the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care's (ANAC) 2017 conference, Medscape noted that Professor and Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (CLAFH) Director Vincent Guilamo-Ramos would address the care continuum as it relates to adolescents with HIV.

Source: Medscape
NYU Shanghai’s First Graduate Program

Professor Qingwen Xu, Coordinator of NYU Silver's MSW Program at Shanghai and New York, notes that Chinese culture and heritage are integrated in the program, which was the first graduate program at NYU Shanghai.

Source: On Century Avenue
What Do We Know About Social Workers’ Use of Heroin?

Professor S. Lala A. Straussner and colleagues share findings from their national study on Social Workers Self-Reported Wellness regarding the nature and scope of respondents’ heroin use.

Source: Behavioral Health News
If You Can’t Talk About Something, It Is Out Of Control: Conversations About Our Mental Health With Dr. Michael Lindsey

McSilver Professor of Poverty Studies and Director of the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research Michael A. Lindsey spoke with Trailblazers.FM host Stephen A. Hart about mental health in the context of broad social challenges, with special attention paid to the needs of youth.

Source: TrailBlazers.FM
This is why it Doesn’t Make Sense for an Ex-Congressman to Shame Homeless People for Smartphone Use

Professor Deborah Padgett, co-author of Housing First: Ending Homelessness, Changing Systems and Transforming Lives, explains there are good reasons for homeless people to have smartphones.

Source: Dow Jones' Moneyish
Why are Birth Rates Higher for Latina Teens than Others? It’s Complicated, Experts Say

Professor and Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (CLAFH) Director Vincent Guilamo-Ramos says lack of access to comprehensive sex education fosters higher teen pregnancy rates among Latinos and he cites success of CLAFH's Families Talking Together intervention.

Source: Fresno Bee
Council wants to declare sexual reorientation therapy as fraud

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of the MSW Program James I. Martin explains there is no scientific evidence that sexual orientation conversion therapy works but there is consensus among professional organizations that it can cause psychological damage.

Source: El Diario
Expert: Rio Grande Valley a 'Hot Spot' for Teenage Pregnancy

Professor and Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (CLAFH) Director Vincent Guilamo-Ramos cites "hot spots" in the US that have elevated rates of teen pregnancy, and stresses that parents can shape their children's decisions about sexual behavior by speaking with them about sex regularly and clearly.

Source: KGBT-TV CBS 4 News
Our 24/7 Economy and the Wealth of Nations

Professor Wen-Jui Han co-authored this article on the consequences of nonstandard work schedules on workers, family life and children, based on a comprehensive review of the research literature from five countries between 1980-2012.

Source: The Conversation
NYC’s New Tech to Track Every Homeless Person in the City

Professor Deborah Padgett, co-lead of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare's Grand Challenge of Ending Homelessness, questions New York City's focus on getting homeless New Yorkers off the street without having safe, permanent housing for them to go to.

Source: Wired
6 Ways Trump’s Budget Cuts Hurt All Americans

McSilver Associate Professor in Poverty Studies and Assistant Dean and Director of the Undergraduate Program Robert L. Hawkins cites severe ramifications of the president's proposed cuts to health and human services.

Source: Self Magazine


Bringing Veterans to Schools of Social Work

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of the MSW Program James I. Martin and Assistant Dean for Field Learning & Community Partnerships Peggy Morton discuss NYU Silver's efforts increase veterans' enrollment at the School as well as to educate the wider student body about working with veterans, active service members, and their family members.

Source: Social Work Today
Unaddressed, Police Shootings of Mentally Ill Mount

The late Professor Gerald Landsberg cited recent reports of people with serious mental illness who were fatally shot by police and calls for systemic change.

Source: Huffington Post
How to Have the Sex Talk With Your Kids

NPR's Latino USA reports how one South Bronx father was able to talk about sex with his teenage son based on what he learned from Professor and Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (CLAFH) Co-Director Dr. Vincent Guilamo-Ramos.

Source: NPR's Latino USA
Mental Illness: The Last Acceptable Stereotype?

Associate Professor Michelle R. Munson and colleagues challenge the persistent stigma that people with mental illness are violent, and propose concrete ways for governments to help those experiencing challenging mental health symptoms.

Source: Youth Today
In 2015, more people committed suicide in U.S. jails than over the last decade

The late Professor Gerald Landsberg discussed the record high number of men and women in jail that are committing suicide and why it is a major problem in the United States.

Source: The Conversation
A Tale of Two Stock Markets

Assistant Professor Minchao Jin questions the inclusiveness of China’s financial market and offered solutions to enhance financial literacy among lower-income families.

Source: NYU Shanghai News
What Happens to a U.S. State When It Perpetuates Child Neglect? So Far, Nothing

Assistant Professor Darcey Merritt on state-level perpetration of neglectful care for the children in Flint, Michigan.

Source: The Huffington Post
Program focuses on boys to help prevent teen pregnancy

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos explains CLAFH's Fathers Raising Responsible Men program, which aims to get fathers in low-income neighborhoods to talk to their sons about sex, relationships, and contraceptives.

Source: NPR | Marketplace


Researchers to assess NYC mental health training effort

NYU Silver's McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research will partner with RAND Corp. to assess the city's $30 million Mayor’s Fund program.  

Source: Associated Press
The Social Work Void

Professor Wen-Jui Han sheds light on China’s initiative to train and hire 2 million work workers by 2020.

Source: Insight
New Study in Pediatrics by NYU Professor of Social Work Examines Role of Parents in Reducing Risky Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents

Researchers from NYU Silver's Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (CLAFH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), examine studies published between 1984 and 2014 to determine the association between parental monitoring and adolescent sexual intercourse, condom use, and contraceptive use.

Also featured on Reuters, HealthDay, and AM900 CHML (Hamilton, Ontario)

Source: NYU News
Bronx Program Encourages Fathers to Talk About Sex

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos explains the Fathers Raising Responsible Men program, a grant-funded effort to guide talks between fathers and sons about sex, partner communication, and basic prevention measures. 

Source: The New York Times
The Sex Talk Works, Even if it Makes You Cringe

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos was featured for his commentary in the Journal of the American Medical Association's JAMA Pediatrics about parental influences on adolescent condom and contraceptive use.

This article has also been posted on The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Reuters,, and US News and World Report.

Source: NBC News
High Teen Birth Rates In Rural Kansas Pose Obstacles To Economic Advancement

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos comments on the unacceptably high rate of Latina teen pregnancy, attributing the cause to a lack of available resources and routine primary and reproductive health care.

Source: KCUR
NYU professors work to improve sex talks between fathers and sons

A spotlight on the new $4 million Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant awarded to professors Vincent Guilamo-Ramos and James Jaccard and CLAFH to create communication between fathers and sons to improve sexual health in disadvantaged communities.

Source: Washington Square News
Do the New APA Guidelines for Transgender-Affirmative Care Go Far Enough?

Associate Professor James Martin and Professor Jeane Anastas contribute their comments on the potential and possible obstacles surrounding the American Psychological Association's new 16 basic guidelines for transgender-affirmative psychological care.

Source: Slate
Adolescence: Preparing for Lifelong Health and Wellness

CLAFH's Families Talking Together program was featured in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Public Health Grand Rounds" presentation as an effective parent-level intervention in reducing sexual initiation in adolescents.

Black Mental Health Isn't the Same as White Mental Health

As part of the Big Thinkers on Mental Health series, Associate Professor Michael Lindsey discusses factors that contribute to debilitating trauma throughout black America, such as the unfair stigmatization of mental illness and the cultural definitions of strength and courage.

Source: Big Think
Imagining a Better Outcome for Sandra Bland

Associate Professor Michael Lindsey advocates for strong social networks and Crisis Intervention Training within law enforcement as ways to facilitate treatment in mentally ill individuals and help reduce the climbing suicide rate.

This article has also been posted on Time.

Source: The Conversation
A Grief So Deep It Won’t Die

University Professor Jerome Wakefield comments on complicated grief therapy, and the distinction between longer-than-average grieving and mental illness.

Source: The New York Times
The Perils of Ever-Changing Work Schedules Extend to Children’s Well-Being

Studies by Professor Wen-Jui Han are examined in an article describing the effects that nonstandard parent schedules can have on child development.

Source: The New York Times
Access is Key to Pregnancy Prevention

An op-ed from Healthy Futures of Texas and the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy presents effective methods to reduce teen pregnancy, citing CLAFH's evidence-based Families Talking Together program.

Source: San Antonio Express News
How the Legacy of Slavery Affects the Mental Health of Black Americans Today

Associate Professor Alma Carten discusses the growing body of literature that addresses the history of racism, the repressed feelings associated with racist acts, and its impact on mental health.

This article has also been posted on New Republic and Time.  

Source: The Conversation
CRPC 2015: Social Work Palliative and Hospice Care

At the 11th National Cancer Rehabilitation and Palliative Medicine Conference (CRPC) in Hangzhou, China, Clinical Professor Susan Gerbino describes the development of social workers in the US and their role in palliative and end-of-life care. (In Chinese)

When "Palliative Medicine" Meets "Social Work": It is Worth Remembering Historic Moments

Clinical Professor Susan Gerbino is featured in an article about palliative and end-of-life social worker qualification training at the CRPC Annual Meeting on July 3-5 in Hangzhou, China. (In Chinese)

Source: National Hospice Service Program
¿Cómo hablar de sexo con su hijo adolescente?

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos provides tips for parents when talking with their children about sex. (In Spanish)

Why I’m finally convinced it's time to stop saying "you guys"

Professor Jeane Anastas discusses the the plural "guys" in reference to people of all genders, and supports elimination of the term in favor of a general alternative.

HPV Virus Vaccine, Treatment & Update: How Vaccination Could Prevent Cancer, Other Health Issues

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos shares his insights on how knowledge, attitudes and cultural beliefs can contribute to higher rates of HPV infection.

Source: Latin Post
Banning Conversion and Reparative Therapies for Youth: One Step Forward

In an op-ed on conversation therapy, Professor Jeane Anastas looks at the history of these ineffective therapies and proposes actions President Obama can take to limit their use.

Source: The Conversation
Teen Birth Rate in Texas Has Dropped, But the Fight Continues

At the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy's fourth annual symposium, Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, one of the keynote speakers, dispelled misconceptions about Latino teens and pregnancy.

Source: San Antonio Express-News
Phil Coltoff - "The Block: One Block in the South Bronx"

Phil Coltoff, Katherine W. and Howard Aibel Visiting Professor and Executive-in-Residence, chats with host Phil Muzzio about his new book, growing up in the Bronx, and the evolution of the Bronx since the 1940s.

Source: City Talk, CUNY TV
How Exactly Does an Elder Abuse Investigation Work?

In an article about the investigation around elder abuse of author Harper Lee, Professor Suzanne England discusses how much uncertainty surrounds these investigations and how people can have conflicting observations about Lee's mental state.

Source: Slate
In Need of Help

Professor Gerald Landberg comments on state of the mental health system and the need for change at the city and state levels in a letter to the editor.

Source: New York Daily News
An Improved Vaccination Against a Virus — and Some Cancers

A blog post discussing the benefits of the HPV vaccine cites a recent survey of parents by NYU Silver's Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health and Planned Parenthood.

Source: The New York Times
Strung out in Tanzania

In an article about an innovate methadone program in Dar es Salaam, Associate Professor Ellen Tuchman comments on the influence of social networks on women's heroin use and the cost-effectiveness of methadone treatment.

Source: Al Jazeera America
Text Therapy: If Your Smartphone is Charged, The Shrink is In

Andrew Cleek of NYU Silver's McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research comments on the development of smartphone apps that allow for online sessions with a therapist.

HPV: The Only Vaccine That Prevents Cancer Is Also The Least Understood

A new survey from Planned Parenthood Federal of America and NYU Silver's Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health found that only 30 percent of parents chose to have their children vaccinated with the complete dosage of the HPV vaccine.

Source: Yahoo!
Study: Even for College-Educated Blacks, Road to Full-Time Work is Rocky

In a Chicago Tribune article, Robert Hawkins, McSilver Associate Professor in Poverty Studies, discusses the psychological toll joblessness can take on young, college-educated African-Americans.

Source: Chicago Tribune
Mentally Ill Police Encounters and Potentially Deadly Consequences

The late Professor Gerald Landsberg called for the federal government to bring together criminal justice agencies, mental health providers and consumers, and family members to address increasing confrontations between the mentally ill and police.

Source: Huffington Post


Parents and Teens Aren’t Embarrassed by the Sex Talk Anymore

A new poll by Planned Parenthood and NYU Silver's Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health shows parents need to be more direct and specific with teens about sexuality and relationships. 

Source: Time
Silver MSW Program to Start in Shanghai

The NYU Silver School of Social Work announces its newest MSW program option that allows students fluent in both Mandarin and English to study for a year in Shanghai and a year in New York.

Source: Washington Square News
Family History of Undertreatment May Discourage Blacks from Seeking Mental Health Care

Associate Professor Michael Lindsey addresses the critical role families play in encouraging African Americans to seek mental health care.

Source: Health Behavior News Service
The Latino Mental Health Picture

In a story about Latinos' high risk for depression, Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos discusses major reasons why Latinos do not access mental health treatment, as well as some of the psychosocial stressors facing the Latino community.

Source: Latino USA, National Public Radio
It’s OK to Like an Abortion Clinic: An Anti-Choice Group is Outraged over a Provider's Friendly Facebook Page

Research by Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos is cited in this Salon opinion piece about a Bronx abortion clinic's Facebook presence.

Source: Salon
New York University Professor Alma Carten Delivers First Victoria Earle Matthews Project Lecture at City Tech

Associate Professor Alma Carten placed the life of Victoria Earle Matthews into a broader context in her talk "Making Connections: Social Work Practice in the 19th and 20th Century."

Source: CUNY Newswire
From the Lunatic Asylum of Old to the Jails and Prisons of Today: Is This Progress?

In an Huffington Post op-ed, the late Professor Gerald Landsberg called for reform of care for the mentally ill, which he says has evolved from psychiatric hospitals to local jails and state prisons.

Source: Huffington Post
Pregnancy and Abortion Rates among Bronx Teens is Highest in the City, New Report Says

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos comments on the high rates of teen pregnancy and abortion in the Bronx.

Source: New York Daily News
Initiative Increases Focus on the Health of Boys

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos discusses the important role parents play in interventions intended to improve the health of male teens.

Source: USA Today


McSilver Institute Receives Grant to Aid Mental Health

Washington Square News talks to Silver School professors Mary McKay and Gary Parker, and McSilver co-investigator Andrew Cleek, about a new mobile application to support New York City child serving agencies.

Source: Washington Square News
Opinion: Shootings show need for mental health care

The late Professor Gerald Landsberg commented on about the need for prioritized mental illness treatment in relation to the recent Washington Navy Yard shootings. He was also featured in a segment of CNN's Your Money show.

The U.S. and Mexico Have Much to Learn from Each Other

In an op-ed in the Huffington Post, Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos calls for investing in disadvantaged students in the U.S. and Mexico as a way to promote economic development in both countries.

Source: Huffington Post
Strong Latino support for sex education and birth control, says new poll

Read an article on about new poll findings released by Planned Parenthood and NYU Silver’s Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health that show support among Latinos for sex education and birth control.

Source: NBC Latino
Neglected Issues -- Police Killings of the Mentally Ill and the Lack of Police and Mental Health Relations

The late Professor Gerald Landsberg’s commentary in the Huffington Post examined the growing number of mentally ill people killed by police.

Source: Huffington Post
When Does Depression Become A Disease?

A recent Discover Magazine blog posting looks at a paper co-authored by University Professor Jerome Wakefield that examines when depression becomes a disorder.

Source: Discover Magazine Neuroskeptic Blog
Letters: A Plan to Cut Social Security Benefits

In a letter to the editor published in the New York Times, Professor Jeane Anastas responds to a proposal for cost-of-living adjustments to Social Security benefits by the Obama administration.

Source: The New York Times
Mental Illness and Criminal Justice: Our Impossible, Contradictory Polices and Their Tragic Impact

In a Huffington Post commentary, the late Professor Gerald Landsberg wrote about the criminalization of mental illness and changes needed in the mental health care systems.

Source: Huffington Post


Letters: Struggling to Get a College Degree

In a New York Times letter to the editor, McSilver Associate Professor in Poverty Studies Robert Hawkins calls for colleges to provide better financial aid packages to low-income students, as well as for professors and administrators to advocate for and encourage these students.

Source: The New York Times
Far Away from Newtown, Kids Face Death Daily, Say Child Advocates

In a article about the daily rate of children as victims of violence, the late Professor Gerald Landsberg advocated for reform of the United States’ mental health system.

A Tense Compromise on Defining Disorders

In a New York Times article, University Professor Jerome Wakefield discusses the potential impact of removing of the bereavement exclusion in the DSM-V.

Source: The New York Times
Psychiatrists to Take New Approach in Bereavement

University Professor Jerome Wakefield discusses the potential impact of removing of the bereavement exclusion in the DSM-V on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Source: National Public Radio, All Things Considered
Talk to Your Kids about Sex

Results from a new survey conducted in part by the Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health has been featured on

How Parents, Teens Handle Talking about Sex

Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos discusses the importance of parents talking to their teenagers about sex in a USA Today article.

Source: USA Today
Moving Towards an AIDS-Free Generation

In an op-ed published in the Huffington Post, Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos addresses the role of Latinos in achieving an AIDS-free generation.

Source: Huffington Post
Let’s Talk about Sex

NPR’s Latino USA examines adolescent sexual health in the Bronx and the Center for Latino and Family Health’s intervention Families Talking Together, featuring comments from Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos.

Source: Latino USA, National Public Radio
Sour Economy Gives Rise to Extreme Commuters

In a USA Today article about super commuting, Professor Wen-Jui Han comments on the psychological toll these long commutes can take on workers and their families.

Source: USA Today
World Social Work Day: How Social Media Helps Make Connections

Professor Gary Holden’s online resource Information for Practice is featured in an article in The Guardian about the role of social media in social work.

Source: The Guardian
Examining the Broad Reach of Depression

On the March 18 edition of CBS Sunday Morning, University Professor Jerome Wakefield discusses the broadening definition of depression, which he argues now encompasses many forms of sadness.

Source: CBS Sunday Morning
Staten Island Mom Sues NYC for $900 Trillion

In a recent article, Associate Professor Alma Carten comments on the balance between child rights, parent rights, and safety involved in child protection services.

Depression’s Criteria Might Include Grieving

In a recent New York Times article, University Professor Jerome Wakefield comments on proposed changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Source: The New York Times


Dr. Carol Tosone: Shared Traumatic Stress: Challenges and Opportunities for Clinicians Living and Working in a Post-Disaster Environment

Listen to a conversation with Associate Professor Carol Tosone about shared traumatic stress, part of the University at Buffalo School of Social Work’s Living Proof Podcast Series.

Source: Living Proof, University at Buffalo School of Social Work
Talking to Kids about Sex: Conversations Worth Having

A column about talking to your teens about sex highlights a new poll co-commissioned by the Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (CLAFH) at New York University's Silver School of Social Work, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Source: Seattle Times
Mother of Girl Featured in Shocking Anti-Abortion Billboard is Outraged by Ad: ‘I Want an Apology’

In a New York Daily News article, Assistant Professor Darcey Merritt discusses the message a controversial anti-abortion billboard sends to African-American children.

Source: New York Daily News
Help the Mentally Ill Get Help

In a commentary on, the late Professor Gerald Landsberg wrote about the need for comprehensive mental health systems.

Who is Mentally Ill? It’s Hard to Say

University Professor Jerome Wakefield is quoted in a Wall Street Journal column on the prevalence of mental disorder and the difficultly in estimating the numbers of mentally ill people.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
How Many People Suffer From Mental Illness?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article on the prevalence of mental illness, University Professor Jerome Wakefield discusses the DSM and its broad definitions of mental illness.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


How the Chilean Miners Will Cope: Q&A with a Trauma Expert

Read an interview with Associate Professor Carol Tosone on Time magazine’s website about the recovery ahead for the Chilean miners.

Source: Time
Entertaining Emotions: TV May be Teaching US to Overreact

In a front-page USA Today article on television’s effect on emotions, Associate Professor Judith Siegel calls overreactions “unprocessed thoughts fueled by the past.” She also discusses new brain mapping, which has shown that different parts of the brain are activated in an overreaction compared to a normal reaction.

Source: USA Today