Adjunct Faculty

Saba Daneshyar |
Adjunct Lecturer
Cardacia Davis MSW |
Adjunct Lecturer

Cardacia M.Davis is the field education coordinator for Social work students at Ramapo College. She also works with Intellectually disable adults, supporting them to have a self directing s/ Person Centered Model. She facilitates learning journeys to help inform agencies, families and individuals both nationally and internationally about the persons Centered approach used by Neighbours Inc. She facilitates groups with adolescents and their families.

Cardacia's area of expertise in is supporting individuals with Intellectually Disabilities as well as family and group work. She received her MSW from New York University in 2012.


Lekeisha Dawkins |
Adjunct Lecturer
Kara Marie Dean-Assael LMSW |
Adjunct Lecturer

Kara has been working with children and families for the past 16 years. She is passionate about helping to create and disseminate programs and practices to improve family mental health. She has worked for the past several years on creating and testing a model to help children and families with behavioral difficulties, called the 4 Rs and 2 Ss for Strengthening Families. She has trained clinicians and supervisors on how to utilize this model with children and families in their clinic settings. She currently works for the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research where she is the Co-Director of the Clinical Education and Innovation Department and the Clinical Leader for the Community Technical Assistance Center (CTAC). As an innovator, she creates, coordinates, manages, and facilitates various clinical projects both locally and nationally. Two years ago, Kara also co-founded a 501c3 called Fareground Community Cafe, which is a collaborative project with the community of Beacon, NY, where children and families from the entire community can gather to enjoy a healthy meal that functions on a ‘pay what you can’ model.

Her interests are in family mental health, best practices in child outpatient mental health settings, food insecurity in the U.S., and community mental health.

She earned her MSW from Columbia University School of Social Work in 2001. She has participated in many trainings and courses to further her education.


Gopalan, G., Franco, L., Dean-Assael, K., McGuire-Schwartz, M., Chacko, A., and McKay, M. (2014). “Statewide Implementation of the 4 Rs and 2 Ss for Strengthening Families”. Journal of Evidence Based Social Work. 11(1-2): 84-96. 
Mercado, M., Beharie, N., and Dean-Assael, K. (2014). “Examining the Association Between Food Insecurity and Children's Educational Outcomes”. Accepted Abstract for Society of Social Work and Research Annual Program Meeting, January 2014, San Antonio, Tx. 
Gopalan, G., Bannon, W., Dean-Assael, K, Fuss, A, Gardner, L, LaBarbera, B., and McKay, M. (2011). “Multiple Family Groups: An Engaging Intervention for Child Welfare Involved Families”. Child Welfare. 90(4): 135–156.


Zoila Del-Villar MS, MA, EdD candidate, CASAC |
Adjunct Lecturer

Zoila A. Del-Villar is an Ed.D. candidate in the Department of Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Zoila’s research applies social justice education to the area of field practiucm within higher education. Her knowledge and experience with critical race theory counters the dominate narrative in spaces of learning and contributes to the effective use of anti-oppression and anti-racism in social work curricula at the undergraduate and graduate level. She is currently an adjunct professor at New York University and Lehman College.

Dr. Kelly Dennis |
Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Ralph Depalo PhD, LCSW |
Adjunct Professor

Dr. De Palo is the Director of Congregate Care for Archcare Senior Life PACE ( Program All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Program, New York City.

His areas of expertise are in clinical practice with trauma , palliative care, and chronic and terminal illness. His current research is in neurobiology and Social Work Practice with autism spectrums and PTSD, particularly with veterans . He is on the scientific advisory boards of Global Stress Initiative, Stand for the Troops and The Huffington Post.

Dr. DePalo received a certificate in analytic psychotherapy from The Alfred Adler Psychoanalytic Institute in New York City chartered by The New York State Board of Regents.    He received a full two year scholarship for his MSW studies from The National Institute of Mental Health in Gerontological Community Mental Health. He earned a Ph.D from the New York University Silver School of Social Work in 1997 after my scholarship from NIMH.


Shirley Depeña |
Adjunct Lecturer
Fabiola Desmont |
Adjunct Lecturer
Ms. Victoria Dexter |
Adjunct Lecturer
Aida Diallo MSW, LMSW |
Adjunct Lecturer

Aida Diallo is a Social Welfare and Policies professor at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at the City College of New York and her Masters degree in Social Work at NYU’s Silver School of Social Work.

Aida worked in case management in the New York’s foster care system where she successfully handled caseloads related to children’s welfare and participated in various meetings pertaining to the development and improvement of the New York foster care system. 

Aida was also employed by the New York City Department of Homeless Services, as a licensed Master Social Worker, and was constantly in contact with clients in need and learned the deep implications of social welfare policies and its impact on service delivery. 

Aida has taught Introduction to Social Work as well and is a Certified Field Instructor supervising MSW students. She is currently the Supervising Family Case Manager at African Services Committee, a nonprofit organization dedicated in assisting immigrants, refugees, and asylees from across the African Diaspora.

Maggie Dickinson |
Adjunct Lecturer
Robin Donath MSW, LCSW |
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Robin Donath is a clinical social worker in private practice, specializing in working with children, adolescents, and their parents. She is also a mental health consultant at the JBFCS's Child Development Center. She teaches clinical practice classes at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College in addition to teaching at the Silver School of Social Work. Her area of expertise is children and adolescents, with a focus on prevention through working with parents.  
Robin is a graduate of the NYU Silver School of Social Work. She is also a graduate of the National Institute for Psychotherapy's Three-year Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Training Program and the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity's One-year Post-analytic Training Program.

Select Publications:
Straussner, Naegle, Gillespie, Wolkstein, Donath & Azmitia. (2006).  The SATOL project: An interdisciplianary model of technology for research-to-practice in clinical supervision for addiction treatment.  Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 3(3-4),39-54.   

Donath, R. (2010).  When something more is too Much: The case of Paul.  Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy, 9(4), 141-150.