Cora De Leon

Clinical Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Westchester Campus

Areas of Expertise

Depressive disorders; child bereavement; tobacco policy


Cora de Leon is a Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Silver, and is Coordinator of the School’s Westchester Campus. Professor de Leon has more than two decades of clinical and research experience, and her work has focused primarily on depressive disorders and child bereavement. She is interested in how research informs policy, particularly in the area of tobacco use. Professor de Leon has been a member of multiple research teams, examining such topics as rates of affective disorders in primary care facilities for men, effectiveness of short term treatments for depression, and testing a cognitive behavioral intervention among active drug users.

In addition to teaching, Professor de Leon has recently completed work as a member of a multi-site research team, funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The research examined potential associations between Parkinson’s Disorder and affective disorders. Professor de Leon also is a member of the Sarah Lawrence Institutional Review Board.

She currently coordinates Silver’s Westchester MSW program and is working towards her PhD in Social Work, with a focus on tobacco policy and childhood mental illness.

Professor de Leon has taught at Sarah Lawrence College, Hunter College, and Borough of Manhattan Community College on subjects ranging from research methodology to comprehensive health education.

She received her MSW from NYU Silver, her MPH from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, and a BA from NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences.