Current Projects

I. Providing Consistency in the Midst of Change, aka ‘Cornerstone’

The goal of this collaboration is to build on findings from an intervention pilot in Detroit, Michigan, to move forward a larger intervention trial of ‘Cornerstone’. Cornerstone builds on evidence-based approached to provide a ‘transition’ intervention for youth with documented need transitioning from the children’s to adult mental health service systems.

Our team is currently studying the implementation process of Cornerstone in an outpatient mental health clinic in New York. In you are interest, please read our recent publication in Trials, see link.

Funding Sources: National Institute of Mental Health, National Council for Behavioral Health, Inc., Bristol Myers Squibb

II. Young Adult Engagement Project, aka ‘Just Do You’

The goal of this project is to test the efficacy of ‘Just Do You’ through a randomized clinical trial. Just Do You is an innovative evidence-informed intervention designed by and with young adults, which has been found to be acceptable, feasible, and practical. It draws upon communication, decision-making, and mental health service use theories in an effort to improve young adults' investment in their mental health and their outcomes.

Funding Sources: National Institute of Mental Health, ODMH, New York Community Trust, New York University Research Award

Related Publications

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III. Mental Health Decision-Making among Young Adults in Low-Resourced Communities, aka ‘Staying Healthy/Feeling Good’

The goal of this mixed-methods research project is to build understanding on the multi-level factors associated service use and mental health among young adults living in Low-Resourced Communities.

Funding Sources: Silberman Fund/New York Community Trust, New York University Pilot Funds

IV. Making the Transition to Adulthood Mixed Methods Research Project, aka 'got mood'


The goal of this study is to build knowledge on the mental health service use experiences of young adults whose childhood histories include a mood disorder diagnosis from a professional, Medicaid mental health care and additional public sector service use. We examine the perspectives of young adults in the following areas: 1) what it means to be an adult, 2) decision-making regarding mental health services, 3) identity, and 4) supportive relationships.


Funding Sources: Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH), Mandel Foundation

Related Publications

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    Article featured at '' on 8/15/12
    Article featured in the Washington Square News
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