Wen-Jui Han

Professor of Social Work
(212) 992-9706

Areas of Expertise

Social welfare policy, with an emphasis on children and families; effects of maternal employment and child care on children's cognitive and social and emotional outcomes; impact of welfare reform and child care subsidies on families; parental work schedules, child care use, and child well-being; and cognitive and socio-emotional outcomes of children in immigrant families; Quantitative research methods; Use of large-scale longitudinal data


Dr. Wen-Jui Han is a professor at the Silver School of Social Work. She has a substantive knowledge and skills from multidisciplinary training in sociology, developmental psychology, economics, and public policy to build her broad background in the issues surrounding policies and services designed to enhance the welfare of children and their families. The ultimate goal of her research has been to advance our understanding of factors that will improve the well-being of children and their families. To this end, Dr. Han has investigated relationships between parental behaviors and child health and development as well as the effects of policies on parental behaviors and child outcomes. Specifically, Dr. Han has studied the determinants of parental employment, parental leave, and child care and the impact that these factors have on children’s development. In addition, she has examined the roles of family, school, and neighborhood influences in shaping the academic and socioemotional outcomes of children of immigrants. In all of her research, Dr. Han has paid particular attention to how contextual factors (e.g., family socioeconomic status, poverty, family structure, etc.) may shape the daily experiences of children and their families. Dr. Han believe strongly in the importance of integrating both practical experience and sound research methods to inform policy formulation and implementation. As such, Dr. Han always strives to incorporate substantive knowledge and skills from different disciplines into her social policy work. In recent years, Dr. Han also has collaborated with scholars from Australia, China, Germany, and Taiwan, which has opened up new avenues for investigating and understanding social phenomena through global and cross-national studies.

Her work has been published in leading academic journals, including the American Journal of Public Health, Child Development, Demography, Developmental Psychology, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Journal of Adolescence, Journal of Marriage and Family, and Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

Research projects:

Cross-national comparative study of parental work schedules and child and family well-being

Bilingualism and Academic Social Development
Cognitive and Socio-emotional Outcomes of Children of Immigrants

Nonstandard Work Schedules and Child Outcomes

Maternal employment and child care on children's later outcomes

Effects of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) on parental leave-taking

Bilingualism and school mobility in shapingchildren's well-being in immigrant families