Q&A with Breanna Drew, MSW ’19, NYU Silver Admissions Recruitment Specialist

Breanna DrewIn November 2021, #NYUSilverAlum Breanna Drew, MSW ’19, joined our Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services as our new Admissions Recruitment Specialist. While a student, Breanna served as a Silver Champion admissions ambassador, was a participant in many of the School’s recruitment events, and was active in student groups including the Latinx Social Work Student Organization and Social Workers for Women Worldwide. Soon after Breanna began her new position, we had a chance to speak with her about the work she had been doing since graduating and what drew her back to Silver in a professional capacity.

Between your graduation from Silver and your new role in Silver Admissions, what were you doing? 

After graduating from Silver, I immediately got a job working as a Bilingual Social Worker at Upper Manhattan Mental Health Center, which is a non-profit organization that services the Harlem community and provides mental health and supporting services. After a year, I decided to venture into private practice as a psychotherapist.

How did your Silver education prepare you for that work?

NYU provided me with the clinical expertise to work with different populations and learn about evidence-based treatment modalities so I could meet the client where they are at and provide them with quality care. I learned how to look at a person holistically and developed the confidence to advocate on their behalf against various systems of oppression. Being a student at NYU Silver also gave me the tools to reflect upon, identify and address some of my own traumas so that I could gain confidence within myself and as a social worker.

What led you to seek the position as our Admissions Recruitment Specialist?

As a student, I worked closely with the Admissions Recruitment Specialist as a Silver Champion. Therefore, I had a good understanding as to what it is exactly that the Admissions Recruitment Specialist does. When deciding on an MSW program, I had spoken with Silver Champions, who were willing to share their experiences and provide me with guidance and insight into life at NYU. Not only did this solidify my decision to attend, but it inspired me to want to do the same for other incoming and prospective students. I am beyond excited to share my love for social work and NYU Silver with others.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I am looking forward to coordinating and managing our wonderful Champions program, as well as increasing the diversity of NYU Silver’s student body through recruitment and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts.

What’s one thing the Silver community should know about you that isn’t in your professional bio?

I collect crystals because I believe in their healing properties and in the transfer of energy. I also write poetry, am a huge fan of anime and read as a form of self-care.

How can current MSW students become Silver Champions?

Students can become Silver Champions by completing the Champion Intake form linked from our website. Or they can email me at silver.champions@nyu.edu. We are accepting students from all pathways and interests!