Shyvonne Noboa, MSW ’10

A woman, wearing a maroon dress, stands with her arms crossed in front of her chest. Behind her are several large concrete planters filled with flowers and plants..
In fall 2022, NYU Silver alum Shyvonne Noboa, MSW ’10, was promoted to a newly created position as Associate Executive Director for Older Adult Services, at Sunnyside Community Services (SCS).  “After eight years advocating for older New Yorkers at SCS,” Shyvonne said, “I am proud to continue creating spaces to discuss approaches and solutions to support people as they age.”

Shyvonne shared how her personal circumstances and Silver education have influenced her career. “As a first generation Ecuadorian-American raised by a single mom and immigrant grandparents, I had lived experiences that made clear to me the complex needs of those who navigate our systems as immigrants and aging people,” said Shyvonne. “While at Silver, I was fortunate to have the support of Dr. Daniel Gardner, who nurtured my interests and helped me realize that I could have a thriving career in this sector as a Social Worker. I was also a member of the Gerontology Student Collective, a group dedicated to promoting awareness and meeting the increasing need for social workers in the field of gerontology.”

Shyvonne added, “I learned so much at Silver and continue to apply what I learned in my day to day. Even though I am in management now, I carry every home visit, street outreach, and hundreds of group session experiences with me, to inform the advocacy for the community I am in service to.”