Councils & Activities

The NYU Silver School of Social Work student body is active in leadership, advocacy, and community engagement through a wide range of student groups and councils.

Take a look at the mission statements of our current student groups below. You can reach the leadership of any group through the email address listed with the group's description.

School Leadership Opportunities

Student Councils

The USGA provides a forum for student participation in the educational program and offers a channel of communication between students, faculty, and administration. The USGA sponsors social activities, social work forums, and special events for undergraduates.

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an elected student organization that acts as a liaison between the students and the administration and faculty of the Silver School of Social Work. The GSA also plans several events for the student body throughout the academic year. GSA invites graduate students to bring feedback about the program, suggest events and come to them for direction and assistance. The GSA also plans several events for the student body throughout the academic year, such as student-to-student forums, student faculty meets, informal networking events for social work students, mentoring programs, coffee workshops, end-of-semester celebrations, career panels, and a graduation party.

The Doctoral Student Association is an advocacy group for PhD students at the Silver School of Social Work at New York University. We are concerned with the overall well-being of SSSW doctoral students and with their participation in the social, academic and professional life of the school. We function as a unifying body for all SSSW doctoral cohorts. We also collaborate with doctoral students from other academic departments, within and outside of NYU, especially with PhD students at other schools of social work in the region. Towards the accomplishment of these goals, the DSA serves as a liaison among SSSW faculty, university administrators and students.

Current Student Groups

The Animal Assisted Therapy in Social Work group provides a forum for students to discuss and explore the variety of animal assisted interventions in the context of social work - from clinical applications and programs, to evidence based research in the field. Activities will include guest speakers from programs currently incorporating animal assisted therapy (AAT), to peer led discussions of current research regarding efficacy of AAT. In addition, we will hold monthly meetings to facilitate networking and information sharing to raise awareness of local and national lectures, events, and conferences, as well as volunteer opportunities. The group is open to all students.

This group provides a safe space for Asian Pacific Islander/American (API/A) graduate students to explore identity as developing API/A social workers and to seek support with other API/A Silver School students. Members will engage in activities that enhance their practice as social workers, network with other professionals in the field, and advocate for equitable change in underrepresented communities.

The Black Women's Social Work Coalition seeks to cultivate a space for holistic support within NYU Silver to establish and implement a lively network in the academic program to share information and resources to further our development within the Social Work profession. The coalition strives for sustainability and continuity as members transition from the academic program to other impactful spaces in academia, the community, the workforce and the profession as a whole.

The Chinese Student Support group is an organization created to help international Chinese students with the transition to NYU and the U.S through community and multicultural exploration. The CSSG holds weekly or bi-weekly support group meet ups for its members and they invite you to inquire for more information.

I Recognize You is a student group geared towards providing peer support to those who identify as Women of Color. IRY recognizes the need for socioemotional support for women of color on campus. IRY is a student group that seeks to bring Women of Color together to share their individual experiences both inside and outside of the classroom around topics such as identity, socioeconomic status, leadership, discrimination, and many others. IRY will run as both a support group where members can seek advice and assistance from one another, and also a self-care group where members can practice mindfulness and wellness techniques. IRY believes in and upholds the core values of integrity, respect, competence and social justice. IRY is a space that promotes inclusivity and bares no judgement. Members are encouraged to come as they are, as they will be able to seek sisterhood within the other members. IRY is committed to the professional development of its future social workers through the practice of self-preservation and community.

The Latinx Social Work Student Organization provides support and guidance to Latinx students attending NYU Silver School of Social Work. The Latinx Social Work Student Organization helps students deepen their understanding of health and social welfare issues facing the Latinx community within NYC, broader United States and globally. Our focus is to provide students and the NYU Silver School of Social Work community with greater opportunities to increase cultural competency and effectiveness in providing services to this diverse and multifaceted community.

"Macro practice" is a part of the social work field which emphasizes the "big picture" responses to social justice problems. Where "micro" or "clinical social work" is focused on individuals and their relationships, "macro social work" focuses on organizational-level, community-level, and policy-level interventions, important but often over looked aspects of social work practice and education. The mission of the Macro Social Work Student Network is to develop a geographically diverse network of and for macro-practice social work graduate students in order to: 1. Share and augment macro practice knowledge that is lacking at NYU Silver; 2. Maintain self-awareness of macro practice as a minority method in the social work field; 3. Share our work and raise awareness of macro-social work with the rest of the NYU Silver and social work community. This will be done through discussions and events geared towards macro social work topics, careers, and opportunities for engagement.

Phi Alpha National Honor Society est. 1964 recognizes students in social work for their achievements in academia. The Pi Pi chapter at NYU est. 2009 invites into membership those students who demonstrate academic excellence, as well as those who are committed to providing community service throughout the year. All applicants must complete 9 units in social work courses at the time of application. Graduate students are required to possess a 3.9 GPA, while undergraduate students must possess a 3.5 cumulative and a GPA of 3.75 in all social work courses.

Pride and Practice is the student group for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender students in the Silver School of Social Work at NYU. Pride and Practice works to provide emotional support in a safe environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons at the Silver School of Social Work regardless of race, ethnicity, or political viewpoint. Pride and Practice is also committed to educating both the Silver School of Social Work community and the community at large about the issues that are important to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

The Silver Jewish Community (SJC) seeks to bring together Jewish Silver School of Social Work students and the larger New York City Jewish community in order to provide a space for discussion, connection, and outreach. The SJC is dedicated to combatting social injustice and inequality through the principal of 'tikkun olam' and will use its platform and influence to be a force of good, positivity, and influential change within NYC and the surrounding areas. The SJC understands Judaism and Jewish Identity are deeply personal and on a spectrum and thus respects all facets of Jewish Identity and practice.

Silver Peer Support seeks to provide a safe space for graduate level students to come together to discuss relevant and pertinent issues experienced throughout the graduate years. The organization will hold weekly meetings to facilitate discussion on the field placement experience, social justice issues, current events, and other experiences that impact the student experience as a Master of Social Work candidate at New York University. Silver Peer Support aims to provide extra support at a very critical time in the emerging social worker’s career.

The Silver Psychoanalysis Forum provides a space for the Silver community to explore the application of psychoanalytic tools and theory to the practice of clinical social work. This community also offers an opportunity to network and exchange ideas on the topic of psychoanalysis as a practice and as a potential career path.

The content of the forum and readings will focus on contemporary trends in the discipline, as well the history of psychoanalytic thought. We take special interest in psychoanalytic perspectives as they relate to current social justice frameworks.

Social Workers Approaching God (SWAG) is a socially minded group of students interested in the role of faith-based social work practice. SWAG is committed to the development of well-informed social work practices that are also related to faith and/or religious needs and services, which includes vulnerable and underrepresented population and the broader community. The mission will be fulfilled through information sessions, regular 'bible study'-like meetings, peer to peer talks, and community outreach. SWAG is also affiliated with the greater graduate fellowship of NYU, Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF)

The Students of Color Collective (SOCC) works to provide a safe space for self-identified students of color at the Silver School to come together for peer support. SOCC also works with the larger School to create programming and educational opportunities related to racial diversity issues.

White Students Challenging Racism (WSCR) provides a discussion space at Silver for students with a desire to work toward an anti-racist stance in their practice. The group embraces all levels of experience with racial awareness while fostering cultural competency. This peer-facilitated group provides clinical skill building and support for white anti-racist activism in the social work field.

Inactive Student Groups

The End-of-Life and Gerontology Student Collective (ELGSC) is dedicated to promoting awareness, engendering discussion, and the dissemination of evidence-based information regarding the end-of-life experience for all populations, as well as the sociocultural conditions faced by aging society and people with terminal diagnoses. The ELGSC works to break down cultural stigmatization and advocates for informed palliative client/patient-oriented processes of aging and death, seeking to develop within its members a more advanced cognizance of the various factors affecting these communities and deepen understanding of the social worker’s role within these contexts.

The Feminists of Silver's goals are to create a community for feminist social workers and give a voice to those social workers dedicated to helping women and female-identified individuals.

Knock Knock Give A Sock is college started initiative dedicated to collecting socks for those in need and getting communities to work together to help those experiencing homelessness.

This organization seeks to engage college students and have them think of creative ways to work together and meet new students on campus to collect socks for those in need.

The Next Steppers - Silver Non-Traditional Students Association is an organization that supports the needs of students who are changing careers and/or returning to school after several years. Activities will include social events as well as monthly group discussions about topics of interest such as: financial aid, new technologies, using what you've learned at work to succeed as a student, how your current skill set translates to social work, balancing family and schoolwork, and much more. In addition, we will pool our unique skills and talents in service to all our fellow students as well as the wider community through volunteer activities and workshops. All students are welcome to join.

We aim to create a safe space at NYU Silver to explore difference as well as commonality through examining how race, sexuality, gender, etc. manifest through different cultural lenses in order to develop and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity, as well as to deepen our own individual sense and perception of self as social workers working and living in the diverse city of New York.

POP imPACT's mission is to take action toward policy change in our constituencies. We are writing to people who make or influence policy, including politicians, corporations and PACs, and those who control public discourse. Our organization empowers individuals to take action to promote policy change one postcard at a time. Each week, we research impactful issues and create postcard outlines with action items that educate and guide participants. We believe through engagement with our fellow colleagues we can empower each other to engage with and influence policies.

The Sexual Violence Awareness Committee is a group of students dedicated to raising awareness on campus about sexual violence. Through education, community organizing and event planning, SVAC encourages student collaboration and demonstrates a commitment to anti-violence.

Silver Atheists, Agnostics, and Secular Humanists (SAASH) was organized to create a safe and engaging space for students at the Silver School of Social Work who identify as atheist, agnostic, and/or Secular Humanist. SAASH seeks to develop an atmosphere of mutual aid and support among members and, at the same time, promote discussion on how our professional values as social workers are often connected to our positive moral and ethical values as non-theists and humanists. SAASH is also committed to exploring the ways in which the social, political, and historical foundations of the social work profession were, in many ways, influenced by humanist and non-theistic thinking, and how modern practitioners can revisit and reclaim the secular legacy of social work. Finally, SAASH wishes to promote dialogue between social work students and practitioners who identify as atheist, agnostic, and/or Secular Humanist, those who identify as religious or theist, and those who aren’t sure where they stand, in hopes of enriching the intellectual and academic environment here at Silver.

The Silver Mindfulness Collective is a group and support system for those in the MSW program that wish to learn more about what mindfulness is and how to implement mindful and holistic techniques into both their practice and everyday lives.

We know through research that practicing mindfulness brings about an improved sense of self-awareness, decreases stresses levels, exercises empathy, helps concentration, improves emotional intelligence and overall and mental clarity.

Our goal is to provide future social workers the skills, self-confidence and tools to acquire further knowledge of these benefits through meetings, workshops, yoga practices, speakers, service and other learning opportunities. We hope that by discovering the benefits of mindfulness that it will enrich the lives of future social workers.

The mission of the Silver Society is to foster our Silver community. We will focus on two things: Boosting attendance and awareness of Silver and Campus wide events. Developing and hosting events by empowering members to create their own. The focus of our events will be on self-care, connecting first and second year students, as well as easing the transition into New York City and graduate living. Our overall goal is to create a safe space where students can grow as Social Workers.  

Silver Women Worldwide (SWW) has the objective to develop a clear space for students to learn and to discuss how social work plays a role in expanding women's empowerment. We base our actions together on the pillars of inclusion, authenticity, camaraderie, compassion, respect for different identities, and a willingness to learn and to grow. The primary focus of SWW is to identify and to understand different facets of oppression women face throughout our world from dynamic perspectives. While holistically expanding knowledge on these issues, SWW's goal is to work towards creating tangible problem solving ideas from a social work scope with the intention to put ideas into action. 

Social Workers on Public Policy (SWOPP) works to empower and educate social workers on issues within local, state, and federal government as it relates to the NASW Code of Ethics. SWOPP works to engage social workers and disadvantaged communities through educational events and community activism that reflects issues of the current political climate. SWOPP offers discussion groups, lectures, distributes literature on voter registration and promotes empowerment through political action and awareness.

The NYU Student Collective for Global Social Work (SCGSW) is committed to working with vulnerable populations to address issues affecting the health, well-being and human rights of our global community.

Group Objectives:

  • Generate dialogue about the international roles of social work in clinical, policy, and advocacy capacities
  • Advocate for ethical and culturally-competent practices and policies worldwide
  • Share information about events, conferences and workshops as well as volunteer and job opportunities that pertain to human rights and international social welfare
  • Expand students' knowledge of the various career paths in international social work by bringing professionals from the field.
  • Work in collaboration with faculty in advancing their agenda of an international social work focus
  • Serve as a voice in the community in establishing a social worker's perspective in human rights and social justice issues on an international level

Unity through Multicultural Education (U+ME) is a student group which seeks to educate, question, and challenge each other on topics surrounding diversity and social justice as they relate to the Silver School of Social Work and the social work field at large. U+ME offers critical discussions groups, workshops, movie nights, and other events at the Silver School of Social Work.