Elevating Lives

The social work profession embodies and enacts the highest and most humane of all ideals: the promotion of human compassion and advancement of social justice, especially in partnership with and on behalf of those most marginalized and vulnerable. It is driven by powerful intentions, a human touch, and is rooted in theory, knowledge, experience, data, and evidence.

At NYU Silver, we uphold and promote the core values enumerated in the National Association of Social Workers code of ethics: service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. We intensively educate our students, nurturing in them rigorous professionalism and imparting skills that equip them to promote deeper growth for those they serve, and to spark authentic, enduring change in our complex world.

 Terrance Coffie headshot

Advocating for education not incarceration

 Vincent Guilamo-Ramos headshot

Promoting parent-child communication to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections

 Monika Estrada Guzman headshot

Empowering immigrant families to change the trajectory of their children’s lives


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Advancing clinical practice with fathers

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Practice and Policy

Fostering homeless families’ mental health and civic engagement

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Helping young adults with behavioral health challenges navigate a new path to independence

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Cutlivating refugees’ resilience through collective psychosocial support

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Practice and Policy

Supporting diverse families through perinatal loss

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Program Development

Translating bedside need into innovation for pediatric cancer patients and their families