NYU Commencement

Violet banners will fly high over Yankee Stadium on May 15, 2024 as New York University convenes its 191st Commencement Exercises for the Class of 2024. The All-University Commencement will recognize graduates for the September 2023, January 2024, and May 2024 terms.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2024
11:00am ET

Yankee Stadium
1 E 161 St, The Bronx, NY

Grad Alley

Grad Alley is an annual celebration, held the night before Commencement, to mark the accomplishments of the graduating class. Graduates and their guests will be invited to this street fair featuring entertainment, games, and refreshments in this street fair on the Washington Square campus.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024
5:00-8:00pm ET

Class of 2024

Toast & Reception

Date: Tuesday, April 30
Time: 6pm - 7pm
Location: Kimmel Center, Room 914

Join us for a joyous occasion where we come together to celebrate the journey, accomplishments, and growth of our graduating students.

This open to NYU Silver students, staff, and faculty. RSVP is required.

Text reading "Class of 2024 Reception & Toast Celebration" on a sheer violet background overlaid on a photo of champagne flutes clinking. The NYU Silver logo is in the lower right corner and an illustration of a mortarboard is above the "C" in "Class"
First Generation Graduates

Proud to be First Reception

Date: Tuesday, May 14
Time: 4pm - 5pm
Location: 1 WSN, Parlor

Join us for a heartwarming celebration as we honor the remarkable achievements of our first-generation graduates. This event is open to family and loved ones.

This open to NYU Silver students, staff, and faculty as well as family and loved ones. RSVP is required.

Text reading "Class of 2024 First Generation Graduation Celebration" on a sheer violet background with the NYU Silver logo in the upper right corner and an illustration of a mortarboard above the "C" in "Class"

NYU Student Life Pre-Commencement Celebrations

In addition to university-wide Commencement and school graduation ceremonies, these celebrations provide an intimate setting that allows students to celebrate their achievements and the cultural communities to which they feel a sense of belonging. While these celebrations recognize the successes and achievements of historically underrepresented and marginalized student communities, they are open to anyone in the NYU community who wants to celebrate a particular culture or group.

APID/A Student Celebration
Black Student Celebration
First Generation Student Celebration
Jewish Student Celebration
Latine Student Celebration
LGBTQ+ Student Celebration
MENA Student Celebration
Muslim Student Celebration
Native Student Celebration

Purple and white streamers descend from the rafters of Yankee Stadium over graduates celebrating in the stands in their purple academic robes